Weekend: Michael is on Main in our thoughts, Trivia Night recap and a busy schedule

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Hi friends,

We were shocked to learn Thursday of the devastating fire damage at Michael’s on Main in Soquel, one of Santa Cruz County’s always great live music spots. Obviously, the shows in the immediate future will have to be rescheduled. Michael’s has yet to announce any plans for the shows, but we’ll come back to that when we know more. Notable upcoming dates include a benefit show for a park named for slain county sheriff’s deputy Damon Gutzwiller and MoM’s first foray into dinner theater with the locally written show “Body on the Beach”. Stay tuned for all the news on these and other shows at Michael’s on Main, and let’s all hope the venue can return better than ever. It’s a beloved mid-county touchstone.

It just happened!

As we enter the “-ember” months, it should come as no surprise that we are now beginning to see holiday season events scheduled in Santa Cruz County. The annual ‘Music for the Christmas Party’ will take place on December 2 and 3 at Holy Cross Church, followed by the ‘Concert for a Winter’s Eve’ on December 10. year at Peace United Church in Santa Cruz on December 20. In the not-too-distant future, Moe’s Alley is home to the great Bay Area rapper Lyrics Born on October 8, the wonderful folkloric group Los Cenzontles is coming to Kuumbwa on October 19 and looking for an interesting improvisation jam with local musicians in Kuumbwa called “String key coincidence” on November 10.

Check out my carefully curated and constantly updated planning guide, all along the line, for the staggering riches and incredible choices that await Santa Cruz audiences. It’s our rundown of the best shows, concerts and events from the rest of the year at clubs, stages and venues across the county.

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Here they are, nine pieces of information needed for the week ahead. Welcome to B9:

  1. Yes, it’s that time of year. Safety and fire awareness must be a priority these days, and the Natural History Museum did he cover for you.
  2. One of Santa Cruz’s greatest literary voices, Laurie R. King, come back to the bookstore with his latest novel.
  3. Local music fans know all about the gorgeous Brazilian jazz singer Claudia Villela. If you don’t, here’s a shot to get up to speed.
  4. Catamaran Literary Reader is not just a matter of words. It is visual art as well, and he’s a big part of this month’s First Friday art tour.
  5. What happens when Cajun falls into the blues? You get something like the work of the master guitarist from Louisiana Tab Benoit.
  6. bowling for soup and Less than Jake, together? Can the world handle so much ska-flavored prankster punk rock?
  7. Who has three World Series rings and more than a dozen albums? Former Giants coach Tim Flannerywho is it.
  8. Sometimes you just want to watch huge soap bubbles dance and sparkle in the air. Call it a mental health break.
  9. Poet from Santa Cruz Fatemi Farnaz advances with his first published collection of poems. You can be at the library with her to mark the occasion.

WANT MORE B9 CHOICES? Find recommendations from the BOLO team – Wallace, Max Chun and Will McCahill – here

Trivia night

A big thank you to all the readers and members who joined Tuesday night for Trivia Night in Abbott Square. My trivia team at Lookout and I had a great time and I hope those who participated did too.

This was our second monthly quiz, and I felt we learned a lot about what worked and what didn’t during our first event in July. This time we had a lot more multiple choice questions, and I find Goldilocks’ sweet spot between questions being too easy and those too obscure or difficult, with a degree of added fun as well.

I still think there’s a lot of untapped promise in live quizzes that are becoming opportunities for a new kind of entertainment. It doesn’t involve late nights, loud music, or drinking too much. It can provide not only entertainment, but also a bit of enlightenment. It promotes conversations and builds community. Additionally, no one has really explored the theatrical elements that could enhance a great trivia event.

quiz night logo

We start again on September 27 in Abbott Square. Please reserve the date and join us there. And, in case you missed it, try this one for size:

Which of the following has never been a flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

  1. Vermont Python
  2. After-spoon Délice
  3. Fossil fuels
  4. Neapolitan dynamite

Answer at the end.

Three-point Gazette

Mexico’s Independence Day is upon us, and those who enjoy celebrating the color and exuberance of Mexican culture will want to head to Watsonville on September 16 for “Fandango en la Plaza,” presented by the Film Festival of Watsonville. The “Fandango” will feature the dance of Esperanza Del Vallefollowed by live music from Diapason Group in the tradition of son jarocho. The event at Watsonville Plaza will conclude with a live outdoor screening of the film “Fandango on the Wall” which documents the annual tradition of a party that takes place simultaneously on both sides of the US-Mexico border south of San Diego. check it out September 16…

Chamber of Commerce PROMOTED CONTENT ROADBLOCK (Empowering local businesses: annual trade show)

An intriguing part of the upcoming Santa Cruz Comedy Festival will be the Disabled Actors Act, a collection of professional disabled comics, both visible and invisible. The show features various comics living with conditions such as stuttering, blindness, Tourette’s syndrome, dwarfism, autism, and others. The SCCF takes place outdoors in the park behind the London Nelson Center on Saturday 1 October…

can it be Open workshops times already? Not quite, but getting close. The annual event is set to return the first three weekends of October, with 322 artists (the most) taking part. As in years past, the first weekend (October 1 & 2) will feature artists from North County, followed by artists from South County, then a big encore weekend with over 80% of all artists participating . Check interactive map to plan your month of October…

We were delighted to hear from the outstanding artist-book Felicia Rice obtained back on his feet after losing almost everything in the CZU fires. Her moving-part press was destroyed in the 2020 fires, but she’s now back in a new home, albeit far from Santa Cruz. Felicia had to move, but she resumed her activities in Mendocinowhere she relocated after the fires…

Santa Cruz has a new sister! The latest connection in the city’s Sister Cities program is Biarritz, France, a seaside tourist town in the far south-west of France, near the Spanish border. To celebrate, the Rio Theater is screening the documentary film “Biarritz Surf Gang” September 13 freeso we can all get to know our new brother a little…

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Earworm of the week

He’s not a superstar in the hip-hop world, but he’s a founding artist in the Bay Area rap scene. And although he has been performing and recording for almost 30 years, there are still too many people to discover. Lyrics Born. Born in Tokyo Tom Shimura churned out an impressive body of work from his home base of Berkeley and paved the way for Asian Americans in hip-hop with his deliciously funky, propulsive sound. He’s played Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz a number of times over the years and is scheduled to return Oct. 8. If you don’t know Lyrics Born, Moe’s show will be a great entry into Bay Area hip-hop. In the meantime, to get a taste of this incredibly skilled performer, check out this blistering indictment of racist attacks targeting Asian Americans, called “Anti.”

Where am I in Santa Cruz County?

So how well do you notice the little things when you walk around Santa Cruz County? We will be posting images of publicly accessible locations somewhere in Santa Cruz County. You tell us where it is, as accurately as you can…or better yet, send us your own picture of the same.

A close up of an insect on a wall painting

Perhaps the colorful creature above caught your eye as you roamed the county.

Last week’s response: Yes, you’ve seen the smiley face below, if you visit downtown Santa Cruz often.

a smiling cartoon character with headphones

This is, of course, the magnificent ‘Surfin’ Bird’ mural on the Old School Shoes building in Cathcart Street.

the "surfer bird" mural on Cathcart Street in downtown Santa Cruz

“Surfin’ Bird” is the work of the San Francisco-based company Brian Barneclowhose murals can also be seen at the Chase Center (the arena for the Golden State Warriors), Google’s offices around the city, and outside San Francisco’s oldest ice cream shop, St. Francis Fountain.

Trivial answer: Afterspoon Delight was never a Ben & Jerry’s flavor.

That’s all I got, my friends. Come to me with comments, ideas, complaints or amazing ideas. Thank you to all Lookout members for your faith and support, and please, make known on what we do.

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