Upper St. Clair High School Literary Arts Magazine Wins Top Honors | News

Upper St. Clair High School’s literary art magazine, Montage, recently won first place in the 2020 Scholastic Yearbook and Magazine Awards.

The 2019-2020 edit has been published thanks to the work of many students, including editors Haley Beardsley, Anika Sinha, and Shana Reddy, and staff Kaitlyn Clougherty, Jordan Holleran, and Aditri Thakur.

High school principal Timothy Wagner served as adviser for the publication.

The Upper St. Clair’s Award belongs to the category of junior high schools with a student population of 1,001 to 1,700.

Sponsored by the American Scholastic Press Association, the annual competition provides commentary on page design, story layout, graphics, headlines, cover design, ad placement, photography and d ‘other publication elements. Each school yearbook and magazine is scored on a points system and is assigned a first, second or third place in its ranking.

Work on the 2020-21 edition of Montage is underway. Students are encouraged to submit poems, short stories, research papers, musical compositions, photos, multimedia artwork, and other artwork for review.

For more information, email Elana Ragan, English Teacher and Editing Advisor 2020-21, at [email protected]

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