TV tonight: Obscure thriller in Welsh crime drama Hidden | Television & radio


9 p.m., BBC Four

This atmospheric Welsh crime drama returns for a third season, and DCI Cadi John (Sian Reese-Williams) is at a job interview in Liverpool ready to take on city life and crime. But before she takes any big steps, she has another case to solve in the Welsh countryside: the body of a farmer has washed up on the edge of a stream. Report an obscure thriller and the victim’s wife arouses strong suspicions. Hollie Richardson

celebrity genius

7:30 p.m., BBC One

Reassuringly, celebrities often seem as intimidated by the looming black chair as the rest of us on the civilian iteration. Tonight’s suitors include comedienne Nina Conti (who tackles Stephen King short stories) and Channel 4 journalist Fatima Manji, who will take care of Queen Victoria. Phil Harrison

Unnecessary celebrities

8 p.m., BBC One

Jingles All the Way: Xander and Richard summon a special round of the radio star quiz that rewards those who are cunning enough to come up with arcane answers. Broadcasters emerging from behind the mic include Women’s Hour’s Jenni Murray, Radio 2 80s expert Gary Davies and 1Xtra’s Snoochie Shy. Graeme Virtue

TOTP: the story of 1992

8:45 p.m., BBC 2

Mel Giedroyc continues his journey through 90s music, this time taking us back exactly 30 years to when “pop was overtaken by a wave of disposable dance music”. Thank goodness for emerging working-class Scottish pop band Wet Wet Wet, huh? They recall the glory days, with other stars of the year including Shakespears Sister. TIME

Kill Eve

9:25 p.m., BBC One

With Eve letting Villanelle stay in her hotel room for the night as she devotes her full attention to hunting down the Twelve, has the series lost its key cat-and-mouse element? Maybe, but keep an eye out for dark horse Pam, the wannabe assassin keeping things deadly and gory. TIME

Queens of Mystery

9:25 p.m., Channel 5

DS Matilda Stone (Olivia Vinall) is on the case in this second chapter of the colorful comedy crime series. Golden Pick Ax nominee Oscar Prescott has been murdered – and a number of names are in the frame. Is it a fellow author? Oscar’s editor? Or his paranoid literary agent? Ali Catterall

Choice of movies

Climax, 1h50, Film4

The film Climax by Gaspar Noé in 2018. Photography: Wild Bunch

A group of dancers celebrate the last night of rehearsals for their new show in a school building somewhere in France. Inevitably, someone spiked the party punch with LSD and, this being a Gaspar Noé film, all hell breaks loose. The collapse of brotherhood and social order in an already sexually feverish atmosphere is presented in epic shots, the camera whirling and staggering after the improvising actors as they succumb to hallucinations, paranoia, violence and desire. It’s a brutal approach, but deliriously effective. Simon Wardel

Burning, 10 p.m., BBC Four

There’s a surreptitious flavor to Korean director Lee Chang-dong’s beautiful drama, adapted from a story by Haruki Murakami. Yoo Ah-in stars as Jong-su, a slightly vapid aspiring writer, who bonds with Jeon Jong-seo’s restless former classmate Hae-mi. However, his place in her affections is soon usurped by Steven Yeun’s Ben – wealthy, self-assured, bland and enigmatic. Drifting almost imperceptibly from youthful romance to murky mystery, the film is delightfully unnerving and, like Yeun’s pivotal performance, doesn’t seem to overdo it. SW

Live sports

Athletics: World Indoor Championships 8.15am, BBC Two Day two of Belgrade, including the men’s 800m with British indoor record holder Elliot Giles.

Super League Rugby: Warrington Wolves v Wakefield Trinity Noon Channel 4. From Halliwell Jones Stadium.

International cricket: West Indies v England 1.30pm, BT Sport 2. Day four of the second test at Kensington Oval. The final test begins Thursday, 1 p.m., BT Sport 1.

Six Nations Rugby Union: Wales v Italy 1:45 p.m., BBC One. The final day of the Championship, with Ireland v Scotland at 4pm on ITV and France v England at 7.15pm, also on ITV.

FA Cup Football: Middlesbrough v Chelsea 4:50 p.m., BBC One. The Championship side will face last year’s FA Cup runners-up in the sixth round at the Riverside Stadium.

Women’s Cricket World Cup: New Zealand v England 10 p.m., Sky Sports main event. An Auckland group match.

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