The Riordan Report: November news from the literary world of Rick Riordan

November has passed and all that’s left for the month to do is recap what’s been happening in the literary and big-screen world of Rick Riordan, as well as what’s new with the authors of Rick Riordan Presents.

Of the page

Daughter of the Deep hit North American bookstores like a tidal wave on October 26 and continues to be on the bestseller list through November. Riordan’s latest book is unique among its library of stories, as it is designed to be a stand-alone story that readers can access without having to read previous books.

The upcoming Percy Jackson libretto that Riordan is collaborating on with Mark Oshiro is still on track for publication in the summer of 2023. Riordan has announced that he will tackle Oshiro’s manuscript soon. This new book will be Riordan’s first collaboration and will give Percy Jackson fans another window into this literary world. In the next novel, the story will focus on Nico di Angelo and Will Solace traveling in Tartarus to save Bob the Titan.

Under the Rick Riordan Presents label, Yoon Ha Lee’s next book in the Thousand Worlds series Tiger Honor releases January 4, 2022. The story takes fans back to the incredible sci-fi world of Yoon set in Dragon pearl. In Tiger Honor We follow a non-binary character named Sebin and his experiences in joining the World Thousand Space Forces. What was considered an adventure turns out to be more of a nightmare for the young character.

Roseann A. Brown debuts imprint with new book Serwa Boateng’s Guide to Vampire Hunting. The book fits the Rick Riordan Presents label perfectly as Brown introduces readers to Ghanaian magic, more myths and monsters, and as usual, college shenanigans. Serwa Boateng’s Guide to Vampire Hunting is scheduled for release on September 6, 2022.

The Storm Rider author JC Cervantes is back with a spinoff series titled Lords of the night: a romance in the shadow of Bruja. The book follows Renata Santiago as she investigates aliens, deals with more gods, and confronts the Nine Aztec Lords of the Night. The book has an expected release date of October 4, 2022.

On the screen :

Lucasfilm recently announced that they will be adding its StageCraft LED virtual production system in their Vancouver studios. The reason this is good news for the Percy Jackson show is that if the production shoots in Vancouver, it will be able to access incredible technology to bring Rick Riordan’s literary world to life.

Riordan recently spoke about visiting ILM and Lucasfilm and looking at how The Mandalorian was filmed. Praising the tech, Riordan also mentioned that Percy Jackson’s show will most likely be filmed in Vancouver and hopefully start production by June 2022.

Finally, Riordan posted on its website that the show’s production process continues with work on the first four scripts and is expected to be completed by January. Riordan believes this would be the last hurdle for the studio’s official green light.

What does that mean

We’ve announced new books for the Rick Riordan Presents imprint, and they sound amazing. While Disney + Day hasn’t given us any word on Percy Jackson’s next show, it’s safe to assume production on the next show will begin in the New Year. The fact that Lucasfilm now has the same technology used in the production of The Mandalorian in their Vancouver studios is a big sign of the quality we will be receiving with Percy Jackson’s upcoming show.

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