The release date of 365 Days 3 has already been confirmed by Netflix for the end of 2022?

365 Days 3 Release Date

This cliffhanger in 365 Days: This Day will be resolved in 365 Days 3. Netflix has already said that there will still be 365 Days.

Following the success of the controversial first film, Netflix has announced that there will be two more for 365 Days. The second will arrive on April 27. In both sequels, they brought back the original team that made 365 Days a surprise hit.

There will be more Laura and Massimo stories on screen thanks to Netflix’s Head of Content Acquisition for CEE and Poland, Lukasz Kluskiewicz. 365 Days trilogy author Blanka Lipinska is also the film’s screenwriter.

There are many twists and turns in their journey together, as our characters continue to grow and learn more about each other.

As 365 Days: This Day draws to a close, fans will be shocked and wondering what the future holds. Everything you need to know about 365 Days 3, also known as The Next 365 Days.

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Will there be a 365 Day Part 3?

Yes! At least two more films will be made based on the 365 Days story. This film, 365 Days: This Day, is the first of two planned films. The third film, like the first two, will be based on Polish author Blanka Lipiska’s literary trilogy.

“I am extremely honored to have the two remaining parts of my 365 Days trilogy – This Day and Next 365 Days – brought to life by Netflix,”

“I’m so excited to show fans of my novels around the world this new look at the characters and to continue Laura and Massimo’s story.”

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365 days 3 Release date:

Netflix hasn’t said when the third movie will be released, but we do know The Next 365 Days is coming.

We don’t have to wait for the third movie to be made as the second and third movies were shot in 2021. Is there any chance we can watch the movie later this year?

According to Netflix, they will be on Netflix worldwide in 2022, so that was the original plan. It’s clear they don’t want to keep anyone waiting after this cliffhanger, so hopefully it comes soon rather than later.

People might see it in September 2022, based on the release of the third book in English. However, neither of the previous two films were released at the same time as the books. It’s because they didn’t.

At the moment, we don’t know when the game will be released. Sorry.

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Who’s coming back for The Next 365 Days?

We already know that Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone will reprise their roles in the third film.

Newcomer Simone Susanna, who played Nacho in the second film, will also be present. Laura fell in love with him in the film. When it turns out he’s the son of a rival mafia boss, their relationship is likely over.

They will also be back as Laura, Olga and Massimo’s best friend, and Domenico’s right-hand man, Otar. The couple got married in the second movie, so hopefully their marriage will be better than Laura and Massimo’s.

Adriano, Massimo’s long-lost twin brother played by Morrone, may or may not be back in the third film. Anna, Massimo’s ex-girlfriend played by Natasza Urbaska, may or may not be back in the third film.

During the aftermath, both were shot. We don’t know what will happen to them now.

365 days 3: plot

Much of the film will be based on Blanka Lipinska’s book, but some changes may be made.

Laura and Massimo’s relationship has hit a lot of rocks so far, so it’s likely the third film will pick up where the second left off.

We can also probably expect to see more of Nacho and his father. Maybe the mafia war will get worse.

“The Next 365 Days” is the title of Lipinska’s third book. Here’s how the book’s synopsis reads: “One of Sicily’s most dangerous mafia bosses has married Laura. Her life is like a roller coaster because he is her husband.

“She is often in danger because of Massimo’s enemies, who will do anything to get rid of the powerful man. When Laura is seriously injured in an attack, pregnant and fighting for her life, Massimo must make the most important decision of his life.

“What will his life be like without her? There is no one else who can raise his child. What will happen to his family?

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