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What there is to know

  • LITLIT (The Little Literary Fair) presented by the Los Angeles Review of Books and Hauser & Wirth Publishers
  • July 30 and 31, 2022 at Hauser & Wirth’s outdoor courtyard in the Arts District
  • FREE ENTRANCE; pre-register for panels (not required by recommended)

Your TBR stack? It’s not exactly as high as the sky, or even your ceiling, but it has a knack for taking on a tottering obelisk form, or at least a shape that looks like a tempting little tower.

The temptation part?

Your “Must Read” books are sure to contain some enticing indie gems, those weird stories, tomes, and worlds that spring from a cutting-edge location, vendor, maker, or store. , taking risks, supporting new ways of writing and helping spark new ideas.

If you’ve been an indie aficionado for years, the idea of ​​a weekend-long indie seller fair might be as tempting as your pile of TBR books, something you’d love to learn about, review and savor. long. .

Lucky you: LITLIT, the little literary fair, is back for its second sublime go-around, all to give readers, writers, sellers and bookmakers a chance to spawn, find innovative works, immerse themselves in stories scintillating and supporting this front flank of the book-making business.

Everything turns a page, literally (and literally), on July 30 and 31 at Hauser & Wirth in the Arts District.

Hall? Admission to the fair is free, but if you find a book or two or a new one that you need to add to your pile at home, have funds available. (You’ll be supporting an independent creator, effort, or business, so that’s fine.)

2022 entrants include Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, Heavy Manners Library, The International Printing Museum and Angel City Press.

And while you don’t have to pre-register for a panel that intrigues you – just like you don’t have to read the book that sits above your TBR pile, if the one directly below attracts your attention – you can, and it is recommended.

Panels include “Page on Screen, and Between” and “New Genres of Music Criticism,” but the full list is available here.

Tea tastings, binding sessions and so much great sailing await you at LITLIT, the most enlightened little lark around.

Next thing on your to-read list? This site, which contains all the details on participation.

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