Ryan Gosling’s ‘Gray Man’ spy is ‘an analog hero in a digital world’

Image via Paul Abell/Netflix

Next weekend’s Netflix blockbuster The gray man could come with a budget of over $200 million, with the trailer indicating there will be plenty of CGI onscreen, but the cast and crew remain adamant that the literary adaptation will retain a distinctly old school flavor.

Having dipped his toes in the water once or twice before, Ryan Gosling goes into full action hero mode for the very first time, which in itself is enough to spark curiosity and excitement in the latest addition to Joe and Anthony Russo. Considered one of the best talents of his generation, it’s time we saw the future Ken racing and shooting.

In a case of life imitating art, Gosling revealed in The gray manThe official press notes that his character Court Gentry is not as sophisticated as the people who pursue him, reflecting the 41-year-old’s own approach to the studio-backed hit game, an avenue that virtually all of his peers and contemporaries have quit at least once before.

“I’m really excited for audiences to see this movie because personally, it’s the kind of movie I would have loved growing up. It’s the kind of movie that made me want to make movies. It has a so amazing cast and it walks such an interesting tonal line. It gives you all the action sequences and the larger than life settings, but at the same time you can follow those characters. I also think Six is ​​relatable because he’s an analog hero in a digital world.

Based on the images we’ve seen of The gray man So far, it definitely seems like a case of old-school vs. new-school espionage, but we have a clear idea of ​​who wins given that sequel speculation is already rife.

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