Ranchi: DAV Hehal hosts ‘English Literature Conclave’ for students


Ranchi, Aug. 2: DAV Public School in Hehal held an English Literature Conclave for its students for the first time on Tuesday.

Dr. BP Sinha, former Head of English Department of Central Jharkhand University was the guest of honor while Dr. Gauri Shankar Jha (Head of English Department) from Ranchi University was the guest of honor. guest of honor with Prof. Dr. Meena Sinha (Department of Mass Communication) Gossner College, Ranchi.

On this occasion, the Deputy Regional Director of the school, DAV Public Schools, Jharkhand Zone – BMK Sinha welcomed all the guests with herbal medicines and shawls.

Sinha said the “English Literature Conclave” was held at the school to promote interest in literature among children.

“It will arouse interest in literature. Children today are far from literature and do not know its importance. English literature has a big role to play in obtaining engineers, doctors and other positions. Literature strengthens the minds of children and they can imbibe those moral qualities in their lives that lead them to greatness,” Sinha said.

Lead guest BP Sinha, addressing the children, said that literature has given a new direction to the ideology of mankind. “Literature has a marvelous and great power, through which revolutionary changes are seen in the lives of children from time to time,” he said.

Dr. Gauri Shankar Jha shared tips for children to improve their reading and writing skills, while Dr. Meena Sinha highlighted children’s interest in literature.

Various cultural programs were presented by the children on this occasion and Ranjan Gaurav’s book “Age of the Mist” was also published.

BP Roy, Senior Director DAV Khalari; RK Sahu, Senior DAV Gumla; AK Mishra, Principal DAV Silli; Vivekananda Ghosh, Director DAV Govindpur; Tanmay Banerjee, responsible teacher DAV Bundu; Dr. Rashmi Kapila and teachers of English subject from schools including Umesh Kumar Mishra, PS Das, DP Chand, NC Padih, VK Pandey, Sovan Dev, Moushmi Mazumdar were present on the occasion.

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