Ranchi: CIP commemorates World Brain Day for the first time


Ranchi, July 19: The Central Institute of Psychiatry commemorated World Brain Day on Friday with this year’s theme, “A Musical Feast for the Brain”

The program was inaugurated by the main guest of the day, Professor Pradip Kumar Bala, Director, IIM Ranchi; and guest of honor Dr. Anant Kumar, Associate Professor and Head (Rural Management), XISS, Ranchi. The sponsor of the program was Prof. (Dr) Basudeb Das, Director, CIP, Ranchi along with Somerita Mallik, Chairperson, Chhayanat, Kolkata.

Initially, the outline of the program was given by Dr. Dipanjan Bhattacharjee. Addressing the audience, Professor (Dr) Basudeb Das said that this was the first time World Brain Day was celebrated at CIP and it was the 10th year of World Brain Day celebration.

He stressed the importance of brain health. He also said, “If we don’t stay mentally healthy, we can’t do justice to our society, our country and the world at large.” He also talked about the importance of preventing brain disorders. He further provided a brief history of poet Kazi Nazrul Islam and his beautiful creations.

The presidential address was delivered by Professor Pradip Kumar Bala. He talked about his passion for the arts and music. He talked about the soul of an individual and also mentioned, “I am first and foremost a human being and music is close to my heart.” He further mentioned how music connects to the soul of an individual.

Guest of honor Dr. Anant Kumar discussed how the use of our brains has changed over time and how dependent we are on technology. He said it’s important to be connected to each other in a physical way.

“We will decide our future. It is we who will train and prepare our brain and how it will work,” Kumar added. He also made it a point to talk about the country’s elderly population who are vulnerable to neurological problems.

The following scientific session continued with the first lecture on the literary works of Kazi Nazrul Islam: an outreach speech by Somerita Mallik, President, Chhayanat, Kolkata. The following lecture was given by Music and Art Therapy: A New Opening to Keep the Brain Healthy, by Dr. Ujjawal Roy, Consultant Neurologist, Ranchi.

Dr. Umesh S. Associate Professor, CIP then spoke about Creative Brain: Neurophysiological Evidences. The program then concluded with a farewell speech by Dr. Avinash Sharma, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, CIP, Ranchi, which marked the end of the day’s event.

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