Quentin Tarantino’s next project is a big surprise for all movie fans

The acclaimed filmmaker is ready to try something new, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Quentin Tarantino is an iconic, multi-talented filmmaker. The artist, known mainly for his cinema, has recently ventured into other projects, particularly with writing. With his last two novels making waves in the world of literary cinema, Tarantino is ready to start his next project away from the spectacle of cinema.

Now, Tarantino plans to take a step into primetime television in 2023.

According to Variety, the filmmaker revealed that he plans to shoot an eight-episode series next year. He revealed it on Wednesday evening when promoting his book, cinema speculation, at an event in New York hosted by filmmaker Elvis Mitchell.

This is not the first time he has worked on television. Tarantino directed two episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in 2005, but he hasn’t returned since although he flirted with the idea, with reports emerging in February that the filmmaker was in talks to direct episodes of FX’s revival of Justified.

Tarantino on the set of ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’Credit: sony

What will Tarantino’s series be about?

Well, he wasn’t transparent about the narrative or production details around the project. Tarantino has teased that he would like to produce and possibly direct a star trek entered after pitching to JJ Abrams, but he later shared that he was stepping away from the project for an unknown reason.

What we can expect is something traditionally Tarantino, with violence, cool dialogue, unforgettable characters, time inversions and unique cinematography.

Conversations revolved around other projects Tarantino considered doing over the years, including a play he wrote before finishing Once upon a time in Hollywood. He also said he was approached to do a rewrite of the Samuel L. Jackson reboot of Tree, but he ultimately rejected the offer.

When Mitchell asked which comic he would adapt if given the choice, Tarantino said he would be interested in bringing Marvel’s sergeant. Fury and his screaming commandos onscreen, though Tarantino entering the MCU seems like an unlikely pairing.

Although Tarantino’s filmmaking career is coming to an end with his next film, he doesn’t seem to have any plans to leave the entertainment industry anytime soon.

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