Online membership from your local library

Membership in Johannesburg City Libraries can be accessed through the website, and residents of all ages are welcome to join their local library by simply clicking on the membership link and completing the form at online to become a member.

One of the problems faced by community members in local libraries is not being allowed to borrow books on the grounds that one does not have a library card and the library does not issue any type of card .

The Northsider visited the Weltevreden Park Library to find answers about what happens when community members aren’t allowed to check out books even though they have an online subscription.

According to Region C Senior Librarian Gwyneth Perry, your online membership also entitles you to physical books.

Region C Senior Librarian, Gwyneth Perry. Photo: Thabisile Mgwali.

Your library must allow you to borrow books with the number assigned to you. So, as long as you can provide the number emailed to you, you can borrow physical books.

“Members are requested to select the library they will use when submitting their application. This membership allows members to borrow physical books with full membership from their library, as well as eBooks on the Libby app. Once the request is submitted, there is a waiting period of three to four working days and an email will be sent to them with their library user number. They are then asked to bring the email to the library to activate full membership and start borrowing books,” Gwyneth said.

Once accepted, the library will issue the user with a membership number, and the general waiting period for a member to be processed is five business days.

If one wishes to take more than five books at a time, a membership fee of R30 will apply. Community members are encouraged to find out more by contacting their local library.

The registered member is responsible for all library materials issued on the membership number, and is responsible for maintaining books and returning such books on time.

Membership expires after three years and users can renew their membership free of charge, but they will be held responsible for any lost books and must pay the full price of the book in question.

The community is reminded to treat the library building, collections and other library users with the utmost respect.

The Library and Information Services Branch is the local gateway to knowledge and provides basic access to education and lifelong learning, as well as intellectual development for all the citizens of the city.

The Johannesburg City Public Libraries are centers of learning, providing residents with access to books, magazines and audio-visual materials to help them with their studies; and professional, professional and personal development.

In addition to lending materials, the City’s 89 libraries offer a wide range of other services, including literacy classes, storytelling sessions for young people, academic support, get-togethers for older residents and contests. literary.

Libraries also provide venues for conferences, exhibitions, community meetings and organized training sessions.

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