Noepe Center for the Literary Arts announces writing workshops



The Noepe Center for the Literary Arts in Featherstone recently announced their writing workshops for winter and spring 2021. The year begins with Shira Erlichman, with her “Nothing for Granted” poetry workshop. The five-day virtual course will run from February 15 to 19, from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“In his short poem” Watermelons “, writes Charles Simic:” Green Buddhas / On the fruit stand. / We eat with a smile / And we spit out our teeth. ‘ And just like that, an ordinary watermelon turns into a Buddha; a slice into a smile; the seeds, as it should be, in the teeth that we will spit out. In this workshop we will follow Simic’s example by inviting the familiar to arrive with unprecedented freshness, ”Erlichman wrote in a Noepe press release.“ By ostranenia, or defamiliarization, we won’t take anything for granted. Whether it’s a watermelon, partner, illness, grief, or the (seemingly) mundane details of our lives, we will train our perspective towards openness and possibility, asking to the objects and ordinary people in our life: who is this stranger before me? “

In May, Noepe welcomes K-Ming Chang, who will teach “Writing Family Stories”. This five-day virtual course will take place May 17-21 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

“This workshop will explore the process of writing family narratives, whether fictional or non-fiction, examining ‘family’, which can be defined in many ways, as a framework for survival, history. , agency and recovery, “Chang said of the spring workshop. . “It’s a generative class for those who want to give themselves time to write and experiment. Through prompts and exercises, we will explore how family stories can function as microcosms of collective stories, as the fabric of folklore, myths and oral histories, and as spaces for personal and collective exploration.

Both lessons will be live via Zoom and limited to 12 students. Register at Noepe plans to add more workshops to the lineup, so check the website often.


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