New Orleans residents remember Sidney Portier

Actor, director and activist, Sidney Poitier was a Hollywood legend.

NEW ORLEANS – Legendary Hollywood actor Sidney Poitier has passed away. The award-winning 94-year career spanned decades and paved the way for those who aspire to make films.

Actor, director and activist, Sidney Poitier was a Hollywood legend.

His film career began in the 1950s and he immediately made a name for himself.

“You can’t be a black actor without knowing Sidney Poitier,” said Martin Bradford. “Because without Sidney Poitier, you don’t have the Will Smiths, the Denzel Washington.”

Actor Martin ‘Bats’ Bradford said Poitier’s work, especially during the Civil Rights era, was inspiring. That the roles chosen by Poitier, he says, have moved our nation forward.

“No one was going to tell him who to be, he was himself all the time,” he said. “You know you’ve never really seen him be submissive. He was often self-sufficient and powerful and for a black man he had to play that role which was rare, if ever. He was described as intelligent and exceptional.”

Poitier’s love for cinema and the theater has not gone unnoticed. He received countless awards like the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009. But what he won in 1964, according to Dillard associate theater professor Corthal Clark, was historic.

“For black culture, we should all know that he was the first African American man to win an Oscar,” he said. “And that’s very important because it has helped break down barriers in Hollywood as well as on stage and on Broadway. When you look at Sidney’s life, it’s important that her life has not been in vain. that aspiring actors will take this time to pay homage to Sidney, but at the same time know how important he was as an actor, as a philanthropist and as a literary artist. “

The 94-year-old was truly one of a kind.

“It’s the absolute definition of inspiration,” Bradford said. “I’m trying to do the same and without him pushing those doors where would I be?”

And he leaves behind a legacy that many say they are grateful for, a legacy that will never be forgotten.

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