My City – E-poetry: Nepal’s new literary platform launched today

KATHMANDU, April 30: In order to boost the publishing market, Nepalaya will publish Nepalese poems online which will be called ‘Nepalaya E-Poetry’. Nepalaya has signed a cooperation agreement with renowned poet Shravan Mukharung, who will also be its coordinator and curator, for the new initiative. Through this platform, the poet Mukharung will present his own new and unpublished creations as well as those of other former poets.

The poems, which will be made public on a weekly basis, will be available directly on the public’s phone and computer after paying the specified fee via the Nepalaya page. There will be an arrangement to read each poem and also listen to the recitation of the poem in the poet’s original voice.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us feel that our social activities and freedom of movement are under threat. Like all other fields, it affected publishers and readers. Developing the concept of Nepalaya e-poetry, Kiran Krishna Shrestha of Nepalaya said, “Art and literature served as a means of comforting us in difficult times. As we have confined ourselves to the quarantine perimeter, we have found that a number of people have been able to satisfy their literary appetites through literary diets available online. Poets and artists also shared their creations easily. The participation and public interest observed during these sessions were encouraging. Although the creation thus published and disseminated served as a bridge between the creator and the reader-listener, it also highlighted an urgent need for business management.

Shrestha further added that the concept of e-poetry is the commercial bridge that seeks to connect poets to the reader in a direct commercial way.

Poet Shravan Mukharung, curator and coordinator of e-poetry, had also launched a live session titled “Quarantine Poetry” on his Facebook page during the lockdown period. Commenting on e-poetry based on this experience, Mukharung said this situation is not due to readers’ lack of attraction to good poetry. “Instead, we are unable to commercialize the work of writing and publishing poetry. I hope such a new dimension of publishing will give a new opportunity to the culture of writing and reading poetry,” he said. “Electronic poetry will surely bring dignity and respect to poets and bring them to readers who want to be informed and also reach readers who are ready to buy to read it.”

The launch of ‘E-Poetry’ is scheduled from Saturday. Coincidentally, as today is the day to see the face of the mother (Amma ko mukh Herne din), as the first poem in the series, poet Shravan Mukharung recited the famous poem titled ‘Mother’ by poet Gopal Prasad Rimal as a sign of respect and dedication. to mothers and elders. “In this series, we will now be able to read new unpublished works by Nepalese-speaking poets every week and quench our poetic literary thirst through these readings,” he said.

During the first month, readers and listeners will be able to read and listen to the poems for free by registering their name. After that, the free reading quota will be limited to one poem per month and those who want to read and listen to all the poems will have to become annual subscribers. “This is our first attempt at commercializing the genre of poetry. We understand the absolute fact that it can be difficult to turn freely available online poetry into a culture of paid reading among diverse online audiences.” said Kiran Shrestha. “E-Poetry was launched with the belief that this challenge can be turned into an opportunity. I am confident that this campaign will be supported by conscious readers who love poetry by becoming an annual subscriber,” he added.

The electronic poetry that has been made public can be found on the Nepalese page or via this link:

The technical development and management of this work was carried out by ( It is also provided for those who have demonstrated their technical skills through the E-book application to manage electronic poetry so that they can read and listen from their E-book application.

Each poem available in E-poetry will cost Rs.15 and there is also an arrangement of a discount of Rs 525 for its annual subscribers. Likewise, overseas readers get a $5 annual subscription.

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