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gHello. Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said the government was happy with Australia’s current emissions targets for 2030 and had attempted the Cop26 presidency. And experts have called for more climate-sensitive housing developments across the country to mitigate rising temperatures and other impacts of climate change.

Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce said his party failed to sign the final COP26 climate summit communiqué and mocked summit chairman Alok Sharma for his emotional reaction to the weakening language on coal. “The Nationals did not sign it. I didn’t sign it, ”Joyce told ABC of the Cop26 pact signed by the Australian government on Sunday. “We are happy with our goals… we said we would not change our goals for 2030.” Joyce ridiculed Sharma for getting emotional when telling vulnerable nations he was “deeply sorry” for how the process went. ‘was unrolled.

Climate change impacts should inform design decisions in new housing developments in Australia, experts say. Houses built to the fence with dark roofs and tiny backyards, like many in western Sydney, are leaving their owners at the mercy of the climate crisis, experts say now is about time to insist on climate-sensitive developments. “Australians deserve a better future and if we don’t design for climate change housing will ultimately be uninhabitable and we know it’s worse in deprived areas,” said Davina Rooney, CEO of the Green Building Council.

The explosion outside a hospital in Liverpool, England has been declared a terrorist incident and authorities have raised the level of the terrorist threat in the UK to a serious level. A taxi caught fire outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital just before 11 a.m. on Remembrance Sunday, leaving one dead and another seriously injured. A male passenger was pronounced dead at the scene, while the taxi driver managed to escape and has since been released from the hospital. Initial police findings indicate that the improvised explosive device was built by the deceased passenger.


One of the 20 proposed rules for federal election debates is that they be provided to all networks. Photograph: Mike Bowers / The Guardian

Independent Australian debates commission could mark the end of ‘senseless debates about debates’. Twenty principles have been proposed, including that one of the three debates should take place in a regional venue – and that there be no device to record public approval and disapproval in real time.

Residents of the town of Nundle have accused the NSW government of double standards, calling for it to impose the same community consent rules for existing renewable development proposals as for new state renewable energy zones. They argue that a wind farm project goes against a mandate that “renewable energies are developed where regional communities want”.

Victorian government to water down controversial pandemic legislation after 11th hour negotiations. Crossbench MPs secured a number of amendments to the bill, including reducing the proposed hefty fines and granting Victorians the right to appeal detention orders to the Victoria Civil and Administrative Court.

The NT on Monday recorded two new cases of Covid, one of which was a 43-year-old fully vaccinated man in a remote community. This triggered a lockdown of the greater Katherine area and the Robinson River.

The world

Trump's ally Steve Bannon surrenders to authorities.
Trump’s ally Steve Bannon surrenders to authorities. Photograph: Pete Marovich / EPA

Steve Bannon surrendered to FBI after being charged with contempt of Congress for defying subpoena for attack on Capitol Hill. Bannon faces two counts of criminal contempt: one for refusing to appear for a deposition in Congress and the other for refusing to provide documents in response to the committee’s summons.

EU decided on new sanctions against Belarus targeting “everyone involved” in the border crisis, where thousands of people are stuck in makeshift camps in freezing weather.

Nine-year-old boy became the youngest to die injuries sustained in a wave of crowds at the Astroworld music festival in Texas.

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Latrell Mitchell led the Indigenous All Stars' battle cry against the Maori Kiwis last year.
Latrell Mitchell led the Indigenous All Stars’ battle cry against the Maori Kiwis last year. Photograph: Dave Hunt / AAP

Larissa Behrendt’s documentary Araatika: Rise Up! follows a man’s mission to create a native Australian equivalent of the haka to perform in NRL matches. Luke Buckmaster says it’s “a warm and compelling watch populated by nice people pursuing a valuable business… Just when you feel you’ve got the tone and the trajectory of Araatika: Rise Up! tied up, he has a habit of throwing you something beautiful unexpectedly or stopping you ”.

The seasons have changed, we are out of containment and almost at the end of spring. Hopefully we can pull off our heaviest coats for the summer, but before you do, we asked experts for their advice on how best to store your coats so that they are in peak condition for them next winter. “Wrapping your woolen coat in a lightweight cotton fabric ensures that your wool retains its new look,” is advice from Australian Wool Innovation CEO John Roberts.

The great Australian literary Gerald Murnane has published his latest book – a collection of essays on his experience of reading all of his own books in order. “The Last Letter to a Reader essays are neither literary critiques nor memoirs,” writes Emmett Stinson. “Rather, they ruminate on unexpected connections between the specific books, ideas and life experiences that informed his writing.”


When farmer Will Picker broke his back on his NSW farm, there was no cell phone reception, so he had to crawl 1 mile for help. MPs are now under pressure to sign a private member’s bill to force Australian telecoms operators to improve spotty mobile coverage and poor customer service. In today’s full article, Laura Murphy-Oates talks to Will and her partner Hannah Sparks about the real – and sometimes dangerous – cost of Australia’s poor mobile performance.

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Australia’s problem with cellphones

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Roger Federer will almost certainly miss the Australian Open for the second year in a row as he recovers from a third knee surgery in 18 months.

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NSW Police requested apprehended violence order against the adoptive parents of William Tyrrell on behalf of a child related to the missing boy, report the Sydney Morning Herald. One of the country’s largest landowners, Rallen Australia, has took legal action in the Northern Territory against energy giant Santos for fracking projects in the gas-rich Beetaloo basin, according to the australian.

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France changed the color of its flag last July – but no one noticed it. Emmanuel Macron’s office darkened the blue of the French flags floating around the Elysee Palace to bring the tricolor in keeping with the way he presented himself after the French Revolution.

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