Loan for Foreigners Financing Homes

Loan for Foreigners!

Loan for Foreigners!

Are you a foreigner in Brazil and are you looking for a loan for foreigners to finance a home? Good News! Banks and real estate agents are prepared with resources to meet this new profile of emerging buyers here in the country. Brazil is currently in the mouths of the whole world, I say the people of the same world. In addition to the Cups that have happened in the coming years, we are also ahead with our economy that is above the world average and with different events, many foreign companies are watching our country to make from here, a new source of profitability.

Another interesting factor is that many professionals from other countries are offering skilled labor in almost every type of segment to work here. With this scenario, those who are focusing on this public are those who wish to support these companies and foreign workers with different lines of credit and personal loans.

For those who come to a new country, they want to stabilize and have a place to call home! CrediPronto !, an association between real estate company Lopes and Itaú Unibanco, shows that financing for foreigners, especially real estate, increased from 1.2% in 2011 to 4.1% in 2012. This survey took into account financing in that the client used the national registry of foreigners (RNE) in the register, regardless of whether the financing was carried out jointly or in partnership with another person.

In order for them to be entitled to the real estate loan for foreigners, the citizen:
1 -) It depends on the permanent visa grant, which has its rules established by the National Immigration Council.
2 -) Income analysis and profile study. Totally different from the United States, for example. There this type of funding is released for any type of visa, even if it is tourism. From then on the process is like here in Brazil. He may also use the lines of the Housing Finance System, which have the Fund for the Guarantee of Time of Service (FGTS) and the savings account as a source of funds.

Still talking about Americans and Europeans, they have as culture the habit of financing their real estate. Therefore, instead of renting or joining funds to make the payment in cash, in Brazil however much they consider interest rates, the preference is to contract the transaction at the rate.

The public who are running behind the credit lines are the directors of foreign companies or people who come to Brazil in search of new business. Among Europeans, the predominance is Portuguese and Spanish, but there are also Chinese and Americans. Among South Americans, Argentines are those who demand more credit.

Real estate agents are so excited about this new consumer profile that they are hiring bilingual brokers. The support of companies not only to search for the property appropriate to the client, but also assists in the purchase process, such as documentation and current bank account opening, one of the requirements for the foreigner to succeed in the search for real estate financing. If you are from another country and want to finance a home, it will not be difficult for you to get a loan for foreigners for that purpose.