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Hubballi: The Kannada Development Authority’s (KDA) ‘Kannadakkaagi Naavu’ initiative, launched in the run-up to the Karnataka Rajyotsava celebrations, sparked a storm with many literati and citizens questioning the body choice of three songs, which will be performed by a Lakh Singers: “Baarisu Kannada Dimdimava…” by poet laureate Kuvempu, “Jogada Siri Belakinalli…” by K Nissar Ahmed and “Huttidare Kannada Nadal Huttabeku…” written by lyricist and musical director Hamsalekha. Patrons of Kannada literature in southern Karnataka questioned the rationale for choosing a film song written by Hamsalekha, pointing out that the KDA overlooked many prominent writers, not to mention those who received the Jnanpith Prize .
On the other hand, the literati of North Karnataka pointed out the glaring absence of works of poets and writers of the region. Highlighting the illustrious works of Da Ra Bendre, Channaveera Kanavi, DS Karki and Chandrashekara Kambar, they question the KDA’s failure to include one of their works for the campaign.
“It was confusing to see a song by Hamsalekha, alongside poems by Kuvempu and Nissar Ahmed. Hamsalekha is a good lyricist and musical director. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other great poets in Kannada. Since the current president of KDA is filmmaker TS Nagabharana, he could have used Rajyotsava’s upcoming celebrations to congratulate Hamsalekha. Hamsalekha’s works are primarily musical and were written for films, while the works of poets like Bendre, Gopalakrishna Adiga, and Govinda Pai are purely literary. When there are so many great poets in Kannada literature, why did the KDA choose a song by a lyricist, ”asked Phalguna H, a musician.
The chairman of the action committee of the organizations of the Belgaum district in Kannada, Ashok Chandaragi, pointed out that four of the eight recipients of the prestigious Jnanpith award came from northern Karnataka. “The choice of songs by the KDA violates the norms of the new cultural policy, which was recently implemented. This policy was formulated to ensure equal representation, culturally, for writers in the four fiscal divisions of the state, ”Chandaragi said.
Udupi-based poet Meti Mudiyappa also felt aggrieved by the choice of the three songs. “Coastal Karnataka is home to a long list of great poets, starting with M Gopalkrishna Adiga, Govind Pai, Subraya Chokkadi, Kinhanna Rai, among others. KDA members must have consulted writers and literati from all regions, ”he said.
Allamaprabu Bettadur, a writer from Koppal, felt that the use of a movie song could have been avoided. “Rajyotsava is an occasion where the heritage of our State and the heritage of its literature must be popularized among the younger generation, who already know the songs from films well. The works of writers such as Kavyananda, Shantarasa, Raghavendra Itagi, Devendrakumar Hakari of Kalyan Karnataka could have been considered. But KDA remains biased in its choice, ”he lamented.
“The songs are only symbolic”
These songs were chosen to involve a mass of people at the same time to sing them. It doesn’t mean they are the best. This campaign aims to invite citizens to sing together. We can add more songs about Kannada and Karnataka occasionally.
– TS Nagabharana | President, Kannada Development Authority



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