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Don’t miss this unique experimental performance of music, film and poetry, starring Christiano Rodrigues, Karen Nguyen and Darryl Singleton from the School of Music and Professors Squeak Meisel and Io Palmer from the Department of Fine Arts, on Tuesday 7 September. 28, 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Bryan Hall Theater and live on YouTube.

Each of the artists will present their auditory, visual and poetic impressions of the musical works of Bach and Brahms and the lesser-known composers Reynaldo Hahn, Amy Beach and Florence Price.

Music, being an art form devoid of images or words, is often abstract to the listener and no one experiences it the same way, said Rodrigues, who conceived the project. Since we all hear sounds and identify with them differently, this event seeks to answer the question: How do different artists express music through their own art?

“When the lights go out, audiences will witness live music, film and poetry – all expressing the same musical program in three distinct ways,” Rodrigues said. “We hope this experience will provide our audience with an immersive and multidimensional artistic experience. “

A recording of the event will be available for viewing on YouTube only until Wednesday, September 29 at noon.


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