Hulu: The Best Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans Movies and TV Shows

From originals like “Fire Island” and “Love, Victor” to classics like “Saving Face” and “Boys on The Side,” Hulu has you covered.

The best LGBTQ+ movies and TV shows on Hulu, from 'Fire Island' to 'Saving Face'


Hulu may have started out as the red-haired son-in-law of streamers in Netflix’s heyday, but it stuck around long enough to have firmly established itself as one of the old standbys. It therefore follows that Hulu would have a veritable font of LGBTQ+ content to scour during Pride Month, and a quick read of its LGBTQ+ section won’t disappoint. Home to popular classics like “The L Word,” “Killing Eve,” and “Booksmart,” we curated the list to encourage viewers to seek out less familiar titles.

Recent Hulu originals like “Fire Island” and “Love, Victor” certainly deserve credit, but so do their ancestors, like old-school classics like “Saving Face” (2004) and “Boys on The Side ” (1995). Whether it’s movie or TV, funny or tearful, Hulu brings you some of the best queer stories around.

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