Here’s what users dislike the most about the Bumble Dating app

Although making the first move is a pro for some women tired of getting “are you up?” messages on Tinder – one of the things users dislike the most about the app – others find it hard to start a conversation. As one user told Bustle, “Sometimes it’s hard to think of a good intro message that isn’t just ‘Hey’.” For some women, the pressure to make the first move just isn’t worth it. University of Washington professor and researcher Riki Thompson notes the pitfalls of Bumble rejections, explaining that “women can be in control of speaking first and directing the initial topic of conversation…However, when men don’t respond or match after receiving this opening message, women in my study reported feeling rejected, rejected, and ultimately disempowered,” according to The Conversation.

As explained by Business Insider, matches disappear within 24 hours if a conversation is not initiated. So if you forget to check the app, bad luck. However, Bumble has a habit of heeding reviews. In July 2022, they expanded gender options to better include non-binary users, lifting heavily criticized messaging restrictions that prevented users without “her” or “her” primary pronouns from first messaging (via NBC news). As NBC reported, Founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd noted, “It’s important that we continue to update our platform to help create an inclusive community where everyone can feel comfortable.”

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