French writer Annie Ernaux wins the 2022 Nobel Prize for Literature

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Stockholm, October 6: Renowned French author Annie Ernaux has won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature “for the courage and clinical acumen with which she uncovers the roots, the remoteness and the collective constraints of personal memory”.

Annie was born in 1940 and grew up in Yvetot in Normandy.

“Annie Ernaux’s first book was Les armoires vides (1974; Cleaned Out, 1990), and already in this book she began her investigation of her Norman origins, but it was her fourth book, La place (1983; A Man’s Place, 1992), which allowed him to break through literaryly,” the Swedish Academy said in a statement.

“In his writings, Ernaux consistently and from different angles examines a life marked by strong disparities of gender, language and class. His road to fatherhood has been long and arduous,” the statement continued.

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