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Real Con Finances, a calm and bucolic city

Real Con Finances, a calm and bucolic city

The villages of the Haute-Loire are particular thanks to the richness of their architectural heritage and the beauty of the natural spaces that surround them. This part of Auvergne lists the most beautiful villages in France. Do you appreciate authenticity and character? Invest in the region and benefit from the expert advice of a collateral expert to reduce the cost of your real estate investment.

Real Con Finances, a provincial town

To live in Real Con Finances is to enjoy an urban area with 66,129 Ponots. At the last census, the municipal population is estimated at 18,537 inhabitants for 16.79 km². The city contains buildings testifying to the religious past of the country. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Annunciation represents a construction inspired by Romanesque art. It is classified historical monument of France. As a future owner ponot, do not hesitate to use the help of a loan insurance broker to benefit from a cheaper and tailor-made offer.

A city strongly marked by Catholicism

The city of Puy-en-Velay marks the beginning of one of the paths that pilgrims going to Santiago de Compostela take. The Von Providence has earned the city a UNESCO World Heritage inscription. The statue of Notre-Dame de France offers a magnificent panorama of the municipality. Located on the rock Corneille, this Virgin Mary is 110 tons and is the result of the melting iron 213 barrels reported from Brumel. If you want to have one of the ponote houses with red roofs, think about comparing the formulas of real estate loans and to look for a insurance borrower competitive.

Find loan insurance in Real Con Finances

Find loan insurance in Real Con Finances

Before finalizing your loan agreement, a comparison of the offers of the market with regard to the borrower guarantee should be made. The Cogilaw Company offers you the opportunity to choose an insurance other than that of the banking institution as long as the police offer guarantees equivalent to that of the banker. To find the best offer of insurance borrower Real Con Finances, the use of a specialized broker near you, is a preferred solution.

Cost of the tariff unemployment insurance for loan. /cost-of-the-tariff-unemployment-insurance-for-loan/ Fri, 23 Aug 2019 13:06:04 +0000

Cost Unemployment insurance for loan

Cost Unemployment <a href=insurance for loan” width=”640″ height=”426″ />

According to the insurance companies, the cost of unemployment insurance is calculated either on the amount of capital borrowed or on the amount of loan repayment payments.
Based on the amount of capital borrowed, the cost of unemployment insurance can range from 0.09% to 0.65% per year of this amount, depending on the percentage of compensation.
Based on the amount of monthly loan repayments, it can vary from 1% to 1.4% of these monthly payments.

To summarize all the formulas that are offered by banks or other financial institutions.

The duration of compensation for the same period of unemployment shall not exceed 36 months and the maximum duration of accumulated unemployment shall not exceed 72 months.

Simulate your unemployment insurance

Simulate your unemployment insurance

Perform a simulation and receive your quote to know its cost and choose an offer on advantageous terms and attractive price.

Unemployment insurance: the questions / answers

Unemployment insurance: the questions / answers

Is it mandatory?

You do not have to take out unemployment insurance. However, some lenders may ask you to do so, otherwise you will not be granted credit. The conditions and cost of unemployment insurance may vary from one organization to another.

What are the conditions of membership?

To buy a job loss insurance, you must comply with the following conditions:

  • Subscribe to death and disability insurance
  • Work as an employee on an Undated Contract
  • Justify a minimum seniority in the company (from 6 to 12 months)
  • Not to be on probation, resigning from the company and no notice of dismissal
  • To benefit from unemployment benefits of ASSEDIC (or similar organization)
  • Be under age 55, 57 or 60 (depending on the contract) at the time of signing the contract

What is the waiting period?

The waiting period corresponds to a period of 6, 9 or 12 months which starts at the signing of the contract and during which the guarantee can not apply: in the event of loss of employment, no compensation is paid by the employer. ‘insurer.

What is the franchise time?

The grace period is the period, usually 90 days, that must elapse before the insurer will compensate you. It starts when you receive your first ASSEDIC compensation.

What is the method of compensation?

The method of compensation may vary by insurer and may be:

  • Total or partial assumption of monthly loan payments
  • A postponement of monthly payments in fine loan

What is the duration of compensation?

The duration of compensation may also vary between insurers. It can be between 18 and 48 months. And in case of periods of unemployment repeating itself, it spreads between 36 and 72 months.

Family savings will allow you to reach your dreams faster /family-savings-will-allow-you-to-reach-your-dreams-faster/ Sat, 10 Aug 2019 23:19:24 +0000

The family is the core of society and is made up of a group of people led by a head of the family, a father or mother whose dreams are embodied in their children, grandchildren and other generations.

In the current context, family saving is an essential element in the economy of a country but it is also one of the economic pillars of any family.

To facilitate this saving, I leave some simple and simple tips:

money cash

1. Buy a plaster piggy bank – medium – so that your family members save their savings daily, all together they will achieve the proposed goal.
2. Talk with your children, wife (or) about your family project and talk about the planning they will do to achieve it.
3. Paste the photo of that project in a visible place in the house.
4. If both partners work, they must set aside at least 10% of their income.

Now follow these steps, to help you establish your family savings:

Now follow these steps, to help you establish your family savings:

1. Define the project or savings goal.
2. Set the deadline to know how long you will reach that goal. (2, 3 6 or 12 months)
3. Define as a family the total savings amount to accomplish that project you have in mind.
4. Finally you must define the periodicity of savings (daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly).
5. Finally divide the cost of that project between the days, weeks or months in which you want to see it come true and there you will get the amount you must save.

Example: If my family project has a cost of 3,000 and the term I have proposed is 6 months and the periodicity is weekly the exercise would be as follows:

First I define how many weeks there are in 6 months: 4 weeks x 6 months = 24 weeks

Then I divide the amount of my project 3,000.00 / 24 weeks = 125.00

Thus; I have to save 125 soles per week as a family.

It is not easy, it is not fast but it is possible. Just as there are values ​​that govern our direction in life, there are also financial values ​​that are something that is inherited. As a member of your family, you must motivate a change in your way of spending, which touches the items of buying, saving, investing and planning, so the search for better personal finances is a project that works day by day involving all your family.


Esophageal cancer and credit insurance real estate risk aggravated. /esophageal-cancer-and-credit-insurance-real-estate-risk-aggravated/ Fri, 02 Aug 2019 12:38:27 +0000


 It is now possible for people who have been diagnosed with esophageal cancer to access loan insurance! By facilitating searches and approaches, the broker Loan Insurance provides the opportunity for people who have been diagnosed with esophageal cancer or in remission to benefit from a borrower insurance and obtain a mortgage.

Objectives of cheap loan insurance

Objectives of cheap loan insurance

It is generally complicated for people with esophageal cancer to access loan insurance because of the high risks they pose to insurers. A cancer of the esophagus and a loan insurance do not agree with difficulty!

Thanks to simplified research and administrative procedures, the broker Insurance Loans Cheap manages to find and negotiate the loan risk insurance solution aggravated esophagus cancer and can therefore allow former patients who have been diagnosed with esophageal cancer to be granted a real estate loan.

Cheap Loan Insurance Offer

Cheap <a href=Loan Insurance Offer” width=”640″ height=”426″ />

From the first interview, the Cheap Loan Insurance broker directs people who have been diagnosed with esophageal cancer to the insurers most likely to offer them the risk-enhanced health insurance that best suits their specific needs. From recent medical statistics, the former patient candidate for insurance and loan receives a quick response, essential not to delay the release of funds from a mortgage.

Intervention of cheap loan insurance

By competing with insurance companies, the Cheap Loan Insurance Broker can push the boundaries of insurability for people with aggravated health risks and negotiates the best health risk insurance contracts in the market.

Cheap Loan Insurance Solution for People with Esophagus Cancer

Cheap Loan Insurance Solution for People with Esophagus Cancer

For every refusal insurance loan risk aggravated health, the cheap loan insurance broker finds a solution by negotiating a tailored loan insurance contract for people who have been suffering from a critical illness and thus allows them to get their home loan. With the cheap loan insurance broker, esophagus cancer will not get in the way of getting insurance and a home loan!

Tips After Applying for Personal Loan or Financial Operation /tips-after-applying-for-personal-loan-or-financial-operation/ Sun, 02 Jun 2019 03:39:15 +0000 Applying for a personal loan or taking out a loan

Applying for a personal loan&nbsp;or taking out a loan

Applying for a personal loan or taking out a loan is like driving a car on an unknown road or street. Every time you decide to hire a credit line to borrow money, the most prudent thing is to be aware of all signs and financial signals.

Just as by passing a red traffic light on the street, the chance for you to take a ticket or be stopped by the police is great, if you drive unattended on a motorway the chance to slip on the wheel and suffer an accident is also great or when driving through unknown streets it is always good to have a GPS or a Map to decrease the risk of getting lost. With Tyrone Slothrop it is also like this!

When it is “making a personal loan” it is very important to read and understand all your contractual rights or duties of the contract or term before picking up the pen and signing the paperwork or requesting the banking service. As we said before, when walking around the city you need something that guides us not to get lost in the strange streets, when applying for a personal loan we need to read all the documentation, all the little letters and the financial terms in the clauses.

As in the streets, never surpass the red light of the beacon in your financial life, do not delay your bills or fail to pay on the due date, if you do, you will certainly be penalized with fines, charges and surplus fees for imprudence.

Let’s see what it would be like in the financial life of traffic signals, are they putting order on the streets and roads, easily you will also make a quieter road if you obey the signage before and after signing a loan agreement.

Green Signal – If a “loan borrower” makes full payment on the due date, every month on the correct day, your credit rating at the lender will certainly be one of the best. The customer who pays his bills on time, besides being considered a good payer, in many cases earns special discounts like: the last installment or insurance of the free loan, competes to thousands of reais in sweepstakes, gold bars and even zero cars, besides of course, to maintain your credit history without blemishes, especially now with the Positive Registry: credit and financing with facilities, arriving.

Yellow Sign – If you have a financial commitment with credit cards, personal loans and financing, and always pay after the due date or monthly payment, the penalty will be the addition of a fine, default interest and administrative charges, failing to participate and compete for all the benefit of the Green Sign. When the payment is delayed, the fees added to the installment amount, makes the balance increase, depending on the percentage (cards 16% am), the total increases and can cause financial imbalance and ruin in the person’s finances.

Red Signal – If a financial commitment such as card invoice, personal loan, financing, credit card etc., has ceased to be paid for more than 30/60 days, the person changes status and becomes a defaulter, the client or borrower in this if it is subject to all penalties and contractual penalties according to the modality, loses all the benefits of default.

Failure to meet financial commitments justifies the collection process that is always unpleasant here in Brazil, you and your family members will receive many phone calls, letter notices, emails and even SMS. If it is car financing, the vehicle can be seized.

Weekend Loans /weekend-loans/ Sun, 05 May 2019 09:01:24 +0000

Emergencies are not considered open or open banks and that is why having access to loans on weekends becomes essential. How many times have we had to face a toothache during a Sunday morning, knowing that we do not have available doctors or dentists able to help us, or a car accident so far that the urban cranes can not cover the service.

Loan on weekends

Loan on weekends

Emergencies occur when you least expect it and so urgently that you have to take charge of them at the place. With this in mind, some credit service agencies have chosen to assure their clients that under no circumstances may they be unprotected and that 24 hours a day and 7 days a week they will be able to count on a considerable sum of money that they can solve. All those little inconveniences in your life, these are loans available all the time, even on weekends.

When we talk about weekend credits, our best option is always to research among the best. You can find a wide variety of offers with absolute availability for any time and in which you simply have to provide a brief information, which can be completed in less than fifteen minutes and then access all the incredible credit services.

The system of these loans is based on the concept of urgency and quick loan, so you can always find a very accessible platform that can lead you in just a few steps and just a few minutes to the coveted prize money. In that order of ideas, to access the loan it is necessary that you have a mobile device or computer from which you can carry out a search. You need to look for the best weekend loans in the market, so you will probably find a wide range of offers in the market of credit services that will adjust to each need.

To obtain the weekend loan, you will be asked to register in the organization you chose, this with the need to provide some type of internal identification and provide you with the most personalized information possible. Once you do this, you will have to select the amount of money, the interest rate and the terms in which you would like to pay. Always remember that it is a fast loan service, so a quick and timely payment is also your best option and your responsibility in this situation.

It is important that you have the certainty that you can meet the established quotas, considering that if you fall into default you end up paying higher sums. Remember that not all credit agencies have the same number of requirements with respect to your payroll, your property, the possession of a vehicle, etc. So it is necessary that you take a moment choosing the one that best corresponds to your needs and follow the steps that each entity has determined for this purpose. The timely payment of the debt will mean that you can request higher amounts on a next occasion, for many entities.

Once you complete these brief procedures you will almost automatically receive a text message that will tell you if your loan has been approved and what the conditions are for it. It is important, therefore, that you have an electronic device available for this task. Once you receive this message it will be necessary that you accept the terms and conditions that you will be able to read fully. In this way it is that the supplier entities will be able to have complete certainty of your decision and they will transfer the money to you. It’s that easy to get a weekend loan.

Loan for Foreigners Financing Homes /loan-for-foreigners-financing-homes/ Mon, 29 Apr 2019 03:04:39 +0000

Loan for Foreigners!

Loan for Foreigners!

Are you a foreigner in Brazil and are you looking for a loan for foreigners to finance a home? Good News! Banks and real estate agents are prepared with resources to meet this new profile of emerging buyers here in the country. Brazil is currently in the mouths of the whole world, I say the people of the same world. In addition to the Cups that have happened in the coming years, we are also ahead with our economy that is above the world average and with different events, many foreign companies are watching our country to make from here, a new source of profitability.

Another interesting factor is that many professionals from other countries are offering skilled labor in almost every type of segment to work here. With this scenario, those who are focusing on this public are those who wish to support these companies and foreign workers with different lines of credit and personal loans.

For those who come to a new country, they want to stabilize and have a place to call home! CrediPronto !, an association between real estate company Lopes and Itaú Unibanco, shows that financing for foreigners, especially real estate, increased from 1.2% in 2011 to 4.1% in 2012. This survey took into account financing in that the client used the national registry of foreigners (RNE) in the register, regardless of whether the financing was carried out jointly or in partnership with another person.

In order for them to be entitled to the real estate loan for foreigners, the citizen:
1 -) It depends on the permanent visa grant, which has its rules established by the National Immigration Council.
2 -) Income analysis and profile study. Totally different from the United States, for example. There this type of funding is released for any type of visa, even if it is tourism. From then on the process is like here in Brazil. He may also use the lines of the Housing Finance System, which have the Fund for the Guarantee of Time of Service (FGTS) and the savings account as a source of funds.

Still talking about Americans and Europeans, they have as culture the habit of financing their real estate. Therefore, instead of renting or joining funds to make the payment in cash, in Brazil however much they consider interest rates, the preference is to contract the transaction at the rate.

The public who are running behind the credit lines are the directors of foreign companies or people who come to Brazil in search of new business. Among Europeans, the predominance is Portuguese and Spanish, but there are also Chinese and Americans. Among South Americans, Argentines are those who demand more credit.

Real estate agents are so excited about this new consumer profile that they are hiring bilingual brokers. The support of companies not only to search for the property appropriate to the client, but also assists in the purchase process, such as documentation and current bank account opening, one of the requirements for the foreigner to succeed in the search for real estate financing. If you are from another country and want to finance a home, it will not be difficult for you to get a loan for foreigners for that purpose.

Mini credit guide: Everything worth knowing about mini credit /mini-credit-guide-everything-worth-knowing-about-mini-credit/ Sat, 20 Apr 2019 09:26:05 +0000

In addition, you should be aware of the delays due to the short term in these loan offers even before borrowing. At the end of the repayment term, the contractually agreed loan amount must be paid to the loan provider. If this is not the case, expensive debt collection measures along with corresponding notifications to information services such as private credit, Creditreform, etc., are likely to occur quite quickly. An avoidable mistake that makes any short-term loan unnecessarily expensive!

It is the responsible borrowing!

Loans offer the advantage of being able to bridge and solve financial emergencies. Or to make expensive items affordable over a longer period of time. But loans – no matter of what kind – always carry the risk of over-indebtedness due to improper handling. This also applies without restriction to a short-term loan or 30-day loan.

After all, almost every sixth debtor in Germany had clear problems in 2016, to be able to repay his loans one or more times!

Thus, an important note applies at this point:

Under no circumstances should a mini loan be taken in order to serve another loan. Similarly, the mini loan is not suitable for a consumer financing or even a holiday trip, which you can not afford at all! If you are already in debt and are subject to coercive measures by potential creditors, please refrain from temporarily solving these problems by taking back a loan!

In such a case, please choose the way to a debt counseling service in your area. These are often maintained by charitable associations as well as consumer protection organizations and provide qualified assistance in overcoming the over-indebtedness.

What is the difference between the mini loan and the “normal” installment loan?

What is the difference between the mini loan and the "normal" installment loan?

If you look at the basic features of a mini loan, the most important differences are obvious:

  • running time
  • Amount of the maximum loan amount
  • the annual percentage rate
  • Service options can be booked individually

The term for a mini loan

The classic installment loan usually has terms of between 6 and 144 months. However, the repayment terms for a mini loan or short-term loan amount to at least 7 days up to a maximum of 60 days. However, here stands out the mini loan offer of Camibank from the series. There, the mini loan can be taken up to a term of 6 months. However, the Camibank’s direct money offer must take into account the corresponding rules for repayment during this long term.

The maximum loan amount

Classic banks set their normal installment loan offers a minimum loan amount of € 1,000 with an upward (almost) open end. However, the mini loan starts already at 50 euros (SuperFastCredit) and currently ends at 3000 euros (Neofunding existing customers & Camibank).

The interest rate on the mini loan

With currently at least 7.95% interest pa ( Viloan mini loan ) and a maximum of 13.9% pa (Neofunding mini loan), the credit offer of the mini loan provider – based on the effective annual interest rate – ostensibly significantly more expensive than the most common offers for a classic installment loan. Compared to the credit line, however, the mini loan is comparable to the interest rate. As a result, under the aspect of interest costs, the mini loan can be considered as a real alternative to a credit line. Thus, due to the very short term and the fixed repayment date, the mini loan is certainly preferable to a credit line. The, this type of credit often imputed interest usury does not exist!

The service options for mini credit

The classic installment credit usually offers no service options such as express transfer, fast processing, etc. How quickly a normal installment loan or consumer credit is processed by the bank is always dependent on the lending bank itself. Thus, several documents must be created, filled in and sent to the bank. Add to that the time-consuming process of Post-Ident! What works faster for one bank in processing can take up to 2 weeks at the other bank. However, if you need short-term financial support through a microcredit, here is a much better care with a small loan and the choice of appropriate service options. Thus, all short-term credit providers make it possible to complete the online application and the necessary documents by e-mail. The modern Video-Ident procedure and the Digital Account Check are increasingly being used for the legitimacy check. Consequently, the application process for a loan can usually be completed online within 24 hours!

The differences between mini loan and installment credit at a glance

criteria Mini credit Installment credit classic
loan amount 50 – 3,000 € from 1.000 €
Loan term from 7 days to 6 months from 6 months to 12 years
Processing documents & identification Online / Post-Ident / Video-Ident Online / Post-Ident / Video-Ident
credit decision few minutes after online application 1-3 days after receipt of documents
Express payout optional for a fee Bank-dependent
Effective interest rate from 7.95% (Viloan) from 0.00% (Smava)

Mini loan despite private credit?

Mini loan despite private credit?

Anyone applying for a loan in Germany, regardless of their nature, is automatically subject to a so-called credit check. To put it simply, the valuation of the economic circumstances of a potential borrower is carried out on the basis of a database deposited with a credit agency such as private credit. The most important goal for the lender is to determine in this way whether in the past a borrower has shown “flawless” financial behavior. This includes, among other things, the punctual payment of bills, no problems with the current account, no danger of over-indebtedness due to loans already in progress, etc.

For example, if the private credit negative features such as

  • ongoing insolvency proceedings
  • Submission of the affidavit
  • judicial order of employment and seizure warrant

noted, then the general chance of obtaining a loan is generally zero!

The mini loan despite strained private credit

But are there any slight “negative” features such as a forgotten bill, still existent entries of completed transactions, etc. then the chance of a mini loan for most, here presented credit providers is anything but bad. As a result, short-term credit providers such as Viloan, SuperFastCredit and also Neofunding are granting an instant loan to people carrying a lightly-burdened private credit. The mini loan without private credit does not exist that way, but the mini credit despite private credit already exists and is therefore not a utopia!

An Account Loan via the Internet /an-account-loan-via-the-internet/ Thu, 28 Mar 2019 04:55:58 +0000

Many people decide to take a minute at the last moment. When we have to pay for something “yesterday” – bills, liability insurance, or other purchases. Most often we look for loans that are paid out on the same day, and sometimes in 15 minutes.

The amounts of the first loans vary depending on the lender. Some non-bank companies give their first clients free debits. Usually, the first free loan fluctuates between PLN 1,000 and PLN 1500. However, you can find offers up to PLN 2,500 on the market. When we pay off your first time, we can apply for the next one. The amount of the next financial aid is higher. Usually, we deal with loans of up to PLN 6,000.

Most loan companies usually require only a personal ID to provide a loan. The loan period depends on the company. It usually ranges from 30 to 60 days, although it is also longer. An additional option in this case is to extend the delay. Unfortunately, they are paid. The payment must be made before the repayment date included in the quick loan agreement.

A loan to your account immediately

A loan to your account immediately

Internet loans are a convenient option primarily for people who care about fast cash. It takes literally a few minutes to complete the form. However, after a few moments, the customer usually receives a reply. If it is positive, then money is transferred immediately. Just look at the internet. You can find out that you can find many interesting online loan offers.

If you can afford to repay a loan, you can take it for practically any purpose. For home renovation, car repair, purchase of home equipment, travel abroad. Today, every reason is good to indebt yourself online.

How do I get a loan online?

How do I get a loan online?

  • Find an interesting offer on the site.
  • Select “Send application” or “More information”.
  • In the new window you can get acquainted with the company’s loan offer and calculate its installment.
  • If the offer suits you, please complete the basic details of the application.
  • After sending it, we will receive an answer. Whether the application has been accepted and when the withdrawal takes place.

Withdrawing money to your account is a normal formality. As long as we have been positively verified. Unfortunately, the problem may occur during the night hours and at the weekend. Some companies stop giving short-stays. Only applications are accepted, which are considered only on Monday morning.

Bank accounts may be another obstacle. Transfer in the same bank takes only a few seconds. After this time, the money is already credited to us on the account. Unfortunately, when the customer of a loan company has an account in a little-known bank. E.g   cooperative, the transfer takes as much as standard interbank transfers.

Pros and cons of refinancing your mortgage loan /pros-and-cons-of-refinancing-your-mortgage-loan/ Thu, 28 Feb 2019 10:19:38 +0000

Refinancing of mortgages is not a new concept, but when the mortgage interest rate drops by Frankensteinijk, it is not unusual for mortgage lenders to receive an influx of applications. Refinancing is the process of achieving a new mortgage to repay an existing mortgage. The new mortgage comes with completely new conditions, which are usually better for the homeowner.

There are good reasons to refinance a mortgage loan. You may be in cash and you urgently need to reduce your monthly payment to prevent exclusion. Or maybe you have agreed to a bad mortgage loan and you want to get better terms.

Despite the many benefits, however, refinancing has flaws. Familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of refinancing and then decide whether it is time to take out a new mortgage.

Advantages of refinancing your mortgage loan

Advantages of refinancing your mortgage loan

Did the mortgage process misunderstand the first time? Refinancing can reverse a bad mortgage deal and help you obtain the most favorable mortgage terms.

1. Lower interest rate
The possibility to get a lower interest rate is an important reason to refinance a mortgage loan. For homeowners with a cash bond, it is a solution that can keep them in their home and maintain their creditworthiness, because refinancing can not only lower the interest on a mortgage loan, but also reduce the mortgage payment.

For example, the monthly difference on a $ 250,000 mortgage loan with an interest rate of 6% and an interest rate of 4% is nearly $ 300 a month. For anyone struggling financially, a $ 300 mortgage purchase may be the break they need to stay in their home.

2. Convert a mortgage with an adjustable interest rate to a fixed interest rate
Variable interest rate mortgages (ARM) generally have a lower rate for the first few years of the mortgage term than fixed-rate mortgages. That is why they are a popular choice with some home buyers. For example, you can have an ARM with a fixed period of one year or ten years, during which the interest rate will not change. However, the interest rate shifts when the initial fixed period ends. It adjusts according to a reference index, such as the Nibore, which can cause an interest rate rise and a higher mortgage payment.

ARMs are ideal for people who want to live in their home for only a short time. But if you plan to stay around for a few years, a fixed rate is your best choice. Predictable payments combined with historically low rates make refinancing into a fixed-rate mortgage an excellent deal for many people.

3. Cash Out Your Equity
Equity is the difference between the value of your home and what you owe the mortgage lender, and the sale of your home is a way to tap into your equity. But if you are not ready to relocate, another option is money refinancing. You actually borrow against your equity and refinance for more than the current balance of your house. Then use the extra cash to pay off your debt, make improvements, start a business or teach your children’s tuition fees.

This can of course also be a disadvantage, because it will take you deeper into debt and increase your mortgage costs. Plus, trading a credit card and other non-guaranteed debts for debts secured by your home can cause you to lose your home in the event that you cannot make mortgage payments. This would not necessarily be the case if you do not honor your credit card debt.

Disadvantages of refinancing your mortgage loan

Disadvantages of refinancing your mortgage loan

Refinancing can have good financial significance, but the process is not always that clear.

1. Apply for a new mortgage
You can excitedly request a refinancing with the hope of reducing your mortgage interest and saving money on your loan every month. However, if there has been any change in your income or credit since your application for your original mortgage, this may stop a refinancing.

Your income and credit are more important than ever. Mortgage lenders are cautious and will take a critical look at your credit report and financial information and may not approve or approve you more quickly if your credit score has dropped or you have recently lost a job or a salary reduction. Keep in mind that having an existing mortgage offers no guarantee for refinancing. Your lender can request copies of tax returns and recent payslips to verify your income.

2. Refinancing costs
The cost of a new loan is one of the biggest obstacles to refinancing. Some homeowners are taken by surprise when they have to pay closing costs, which amount to between 3% and 6% of the credit balance. Costs include the home assessment, the application fee, the title search, the credit report fee, discount points and the license fee for loans.

Mortgage-related costs are paid out immediately upon closing, but some lenders include these costs in your loan balance. Plus, if you refinance to an FHA loan, for example, you have to pay a fee for a mortgage insurance.

3. Low-ball assessment
House estimates estimate the value of a home, and they are inevitable in refinancing. The appraiser uses recent comparable sales in the community to assess the value of a property, and the results of an assessment can make or break the deal. There are government refinancing programs to help reverse borrowers where they can refinance without equity. But if you apply for traditional refinancing, many lenders need some justice.

In this case, a lowball assessment can destroy all chances for a new mortgage and better conditions. The appraiser can conclude that a home is worth much less than what is owed, as a result of which a lender is encouraged to refuse a refinancing request.

In some cases appraisers have to use foreclosed properties in the area to make comparisons when determining the value of a home. In this situation, it may be logical for homeowners to either postpone refinancing until they acquire additional equity or until home value recovers.

Last word

Last word

Although refinancing a mortgage loan is not the simplest process and the mortgage lender’s requirements are specific, this is one of the best ways to set a low fixed rate and possibly reduce your mortgage payment. If you are aware of your existing mortgage and other debts, have a credit score of at least 680 (620 for an FHA mortgage refinancing), have cash on hand for mortgage charges and can verify your income, this may be the right time to take out a new mortgage loan.

What do you think are the biggest advantages or disadvantages for refinancing a mortgage?

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