Family savings will allow you to reach your dreams faster

The family is the core of society and is made up of a group of people led by a head of the family, a father or mother whose dreams are embodied in their children, grandchildren and other generations.

In the current context, family saving is an essential element in the economy of a country but it is also one of the economic pillars of any family.

To facilitate this saving, I leave some simple and simple tips:

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1. Buy a plaster piggy bank – medium – so that your family members save their savings daily, all together they will achieve the proposed goal.
2. Talk with your children, wife (or) about your family project and talk about the planning they will do to achieve it.
3. Paste the photo of that project in a visible place in the house.
4. If both partners work, they must set aside at least 10% of their income.

Now follow these steps, to help you establish your family savings:

Now follow these steps, to help you establish your family savings:

1. Define the project or savings goal.
2. Set the deadline to know how long you will reach that goal. (2, 3 6 or 12 months)
3. Define as a family the total savings amount to accomplish that project you have in mind.
4. Finally you must define the periodicity of savings (daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly).
5. Finally divide the cost of that project between the days, weeks or months in which you want to see it come true and there you will get the amount you must save.

Example: If my family project has a cost of 3,000 and the term I have proposed is 6 months and the periodicity is weekly the exercise would be as follows:

First I define how many weeks there are in 6 months: 4 weeks x 6 months = 24 weeks

Then I divide the amount of my project 3,000.00 / 24 weeks = 125.00

Thus; I have to save 125 soles per week as a family.

It is not easy, it is not fast but it is possible. Just as there are values ​​that govern our direction in life, there are also financial values ​​that are something that is inherited. As a member of your family, you must motivate a change in your way of spending, which touches the items of buying, saving, investing and planning, so the search for better personal finances is a project that works day by day involving all your family.