Disney’s New Superhero Reboot Gives Them A Replacement For The Avengers

Disney’s reboot of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen could give them another alternative to Marvel’s Avengers. An extension can even compete with the MCU.

Disney’s reboot of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen gives the company another great superhero franchise to replace the Avengers. Like the Avengers The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is known for teaming up with popular characters from various publications to fight a common evil. The 20th-Century Studios film, adapted from Alan Moore’s comic book series, features characters from popular classic literary titles like Dracula and Twenty thousand leagues under sea. The restart of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen marks the first big-screen appearance since its 2003 adaptation starring the late Sean Connery.


Critics of the original film point out that the film did not do the comic book material justice. Despite a somewhat successful box office showing, debuting at number two, production issues led to a sequel being disbanded. An initial reboot was planned for 2015 and was rumored to focus on the show’s female characters. These plans stalled when Disney purchased 20th Century Studios. The League’s character roster includes Mina Murray (Dracula), The Invisible Man, Captain Nemo (Twenty thousand Leagues Under the Sea) and Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray (The Picture of Dorian Gray). Interestingly, the 2003 version of the film shares the same director (Stephen Norrington) with Blade, another title being rebooted by Disney for the MCU.

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The new film will be released on Hulu, with Disney hoping the film will give them another successful superhero franchise that could expand into its own Avengers-like cinematic universe. The reintroduction of these classic literary characters will introduce them to a new generation of fans unfamiliar with the early 2000s version. Fans can expect a series similar to not only the Avengers but also the Justice League. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen could follow a similar path to the Snyder/Whedon Justice League introducing several of his characters before embarking on solo films. However, the studio should be wary of the mistakes DC made before Justice League Release. The League of Extraordinary GentlemenThe extensive roster of characters from may not be as familiar to contemporary audiences as those of Marvel and DC, so introducing audiences to the team first can benefit the franchise.

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Another benefit of the reboot is that it will be able to explore potentially darker themes than the Avengers. The reboot announcement comes when darker superhero content is very popular. Dark themed superhero content like DC’s Suicide Squad, by Netflix Umbrella Academyy, and Amazon Invincible attract many viewers on their respective platforms. None are perhaps more polarizing than Amazon’s The boys, which Seth Rogen executive produces. Amazon just released The boys season 3, a show that revolves around corrupt “superheroes”. Some members of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, such as the Invisible Man and Dorian Gray, are morally corrupt characters in their respective universes. Through his evil half, Mr. Hyde, even Dr. Jekyll also walks the line between good and evil. The reboot’s ability to explore this aspect of its core characters will be critical to its success. Success would greatly benefit Hulu and give the platform an important superhero franchise to grow.

The MCU’s success can be, in part, attributed to its partisan loyalty to the comics and stellar cast of actors. There are no names announced for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen cast, but the name will be crucial to its success. The help of a solid cast could make a strong case for potential spin-off films in the future, contrasting with how Marvel has released individual films leading up to the first. avengers film. Having two cinematic universes would put Disney even further ahead of the pack in the competitive superhero genre. One thing is certain, and that is that Disney and Century Studios will seek to correct the mistakes made in the 2003 version and modernize the series.

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