Daniel Radcliffe recalls making a fan pass out after brushing his arm

Daniel Radcliffe fondly recalls a story about a publicity event in Japan where he accidentally brushed a girl’s arm and she instantly passed out.

Harry potter Star Daniel Radcliffe recalls a funny story about a girl who passed out after he accidentally touched her at a publicity event. Radcliffe first played the role of iconic literary wizard Harry Potter in the 2001s Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone, just 4 years after the release of the original internationally successful children’s book, which had already spawned 3 of its 6 sequels by that time. Harry Potter was such a phenomenon that the previously unknown child actor Daniel Radcliffe, who had only held two small roles before, was instantly promoted to superstar status.

As well as being the frontman of a hugely popular global phenomenon movie series, Radcliffe has also become a crush on many young fans. Because of the way the movies were shot, the young Harry Potter stars grew up more or less alongside the fans watching them, and once the actors and their audiences hit their teens, the stars – in especially Radcliffe – have become major objects of hormones. -the affection trained. No boy group from the early 2000s could compare to Harry Potter’s massive appeal when the time came.


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Appearing on The Jonathan Ross ShowDaniel Radcliffe recalled a particularly amusing moment in the height of his Harry Potter glory. During an advertising event in Japan, he accidentally touched a young girl’s arm. He apologized to her and “Boom! Fainted.“The combination of Daniel Radcliffe touching her and talking to her turned out to be too strong and she passed out completely. Radcliffe made sure to take a moment to appreciate what had just happened because”it doesn’t last forever. “Read the full quote below:

I was visiting a Japanese school for a publicity trick … and literally brushed a young girl [on the arm] as I walked past her and said, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry.’ And boom! Fainted. I brushed her off and talked to her and [it] was too much. And she passed out.

Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Daniel Radcliffe is still more or less synonymous with the role of Harry Potter as he hasn’t tried much since then to seek big-budget blockbuster glory. After playing in the final Harry potter film in 2011, he continued to choose projects that were more personally interesting and idiosyncratic because he had the financial freedom to pursue his career in the direction he wanted. This led him to pursue roles in quirky films like Akimbo rifles and Swiss army man, which are certainly of interest to the public but do not have the same mass appeal.

This interaction with fans of Harry potter is probably a lot more satisfying to remember than some of the star’s later encounters. Daniel Radcliffe recently shared a story of watching people’s faces turn pale when he informed them that he is over 30 now, proving that there is a dark side to growing up with his fans. However, he and audiences around the world will always have the phenomenon that was Harry potter look back fondly.

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Source: The Jonathan Ross Show

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