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The Cullman County Library and Friends of Cullman County Public Libraries continue to provide access to literature for Cullman County residents following the installation of its brand new small free library in the city’s Art Park .

The non-profit organization Little Free Library aims to remove all barriers to book access through its global network of 24-hour “sharing boxes”.

Art Park’s newest site marks the library’s second site installed in the city of Cullman, and their sixth countywide installation, with a seventh to be installed in Dodge City in the coming weeks.

FPLCC board member Renee Walsh said that while the intended purpose of the sharing boxes is to provide access to books, that after the installation of their box – located on Rosemont Avenue – it became clear that sites can be quickly adapted by the community for many other Resources.

“The first one we installed on Rosemont, about two years ago this month. It was just during the pandemic, and people were putting food there. It was so significant that people recognized this need because it was widely used. It was our first – it was a little bigger than this – and we were loading it up with books, and one day there was canned food, beans and rice,” Walsh said.

Keeping that in mind, Walsh and Cullman County Library Manager Sharon Townson said the idea was to supply the Art Park box with children’s books, but they were open and hopeful about the possibility of a future installation of a second small free library in the park designed for the community to contribute and share their works.

Cullman Parks, Recreation and Sports Tourism Director Nathan Anderson said that — particularly with the outside of the box adorned with visual contributions from Cullman Arts Council member Emily Bussman — the installation was consistent with the concept of the park. Although not much more than a sapling, Anderson and Townson envision future generations enjoying the books in the small free library under the park’s “reading tree.”

“Right now it’s just for news,” Townson said.

“This park was designed to celebrate the arts, and the literary arts is something we celebrate now with this little free library,” Anderson said.

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