Broome Exec. Grim prediction for extended January / NYS mask tenure

Broome County Director Jason Garnar paints a grim picture for the next few weeks as health officials brace for reports of new cases of COVID-19 infections stemming from the New Year celebrations.

Garnar says January is on board to be “the hardest part of the pandemic.”

In his last COVID briefing of the year, Garnar implored residents to act responsibly to try and alleviate the almost overwhelmed health system that is dealing with normal cases in addition to the sharply rising coronavirus infections. He says everyone should keep healthcare workers, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems in mind and take whatever steps they can to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

The Democrat said he expects this to be the most difficult month in the pandemic, now entering its second year.

Garnar says that even though the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is found to cause less severe illness than the Delta variant which has put dozens of residents in hospital, it is much more communicable and hospitals and emergency rooms are overwhelmed. . It is also the season when people with severe cases of the flu end up in the hospital.

Health officials say getting the vaccine is the best insurance to avoid becoming seriously ill and for those who are vaccinated, getting the booster as early as possible can help guard against serious illness even if they are again. infected.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has extended the mask mandate which requires all companies to have masks worn by their staff and customers or to show proof of vaccination until February 1.

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