BloodList Names Best Unproduced Horror Scripts of 2021; Village Roadshow catches two


The Blood List, an annual ranking of the best non-produced horror and genre scripts, has released the 13th edition of its “Fresh Blood” series just in time for Halloween.

The revelation was made on Friday by Village tour Pictures and Brillstein Entertainment Partners, who announced earlier this year a first partnership to tap the feature film roster. BloodList was created by Kailey Marsh, who is literary director and producer at Brillstein.

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The two projects that Village Roadshow has selected for development are “The First Day of Christmas” by Casey Giltner and “Zero Feet Away” by Jose Nateras. Gitner’s screenplay follows a little girl who begins to receive sinister Christmas presents coinciding with the traditions of “12 Days of Christmas.” In Nateras’ storyline, a young man’s love life is complicated by his identity as a gay, Mexican-American, and werewolf – as his real life is put at risk by a mysterious serial killer. who seems to focus on him using a location. login based app.

“We are honored to support the Fresh Blood initiative as it seeks out and provides a platform for new undiscovered talent. We are delighted to present this year’s selections: thirteen chilling projects that we believe represent the future of the genre, defined by inclusiveness, vitality and relevance, ”said the Executive Vice Presidents of Village Roadshow. , Jillian Apfelbaum and Tristen Tuckfield.

“The first BloodList was just a Word document, compiled on a horror tracker I ran, less than a year after college. Over the past 12 years, it has become a real way to discover new talent in the horror genre. Now, through our Fresh Blood initiative and with our partners at Village Roadshow Pictures, we are able to produce some of the incredible projects selected for the list, ”said Marsh.

Along with Marsh, Apfelbaum and Tuckfield will oversee BloodList’s production roster which also includes Raj Balu’s “Little India”, a selection from the Fresh Blood 2020 competition which will also be produced by Christian Taylor of Taylor Lane Productions.

Past selections from BloodList include “The Jane Doe Autopsy”, “Her House”, “Black Swan”, “Bird Box” and “Warm Bodies”.

Here’s a look at the 2021 list:

Screenplay: Eleni Rivera-Colon
Logline: A Puerto Rican woman struggling to care for her ailing mother begins to encounter a monster manifested by her trauma and grief, as the secrets of her childhood are revealed.
Genre: Thriller / Horror

Writer: Baakal Geleta
Logline: A worker, struggling with his sexuality, takes a job during a remote industrial disaster while helping an old recluse and finds that the work begins to consume him.
Genre: Horror

“Incorporated Genesis”
Writer: Aaron Edwards
Logline: In the near future dominated by a corrupt human augmentation industry, a Chicago detective and the right-hand man of a desperate CEO are entering into a tough partnership to break the system.
Genre: Science Fiction / Thriller

“Goddess of Mercy”
Writer: Morris Long
Logline: While terrorizing a picaresque Taiwanese village, a ruthless serial killer sees his world crumble after his latest victim, an occult witch, casts a curse on his hometown; now he must find a way to untangle his spell and escape the authorities, as a satanic apocalypse descends on his pastoral hillside hamlet.
Genre: Horror / Supernatural

“Hide me among the graves”
Writer: Tal Gantz
Logline: When a physics student discovers his own body has been found in a 19th century grave, he must solve a sinister time travel mystery before his fate overtakes him.
Genre: Horror

“House of mourning”
Screenwriters: Katherine Botts and Mischa Marcus
Logline: Following the suicide of her Jewish husband, an unfaithful widow must face her sins, which have attracted a violent demon who threatens her and the other mourners, as they sit for seven days of growing terror.
Genre: Contained Horror

“I once knew you” (short story)
Writer: Vanessa Branch
Logline: When her childhood crush resurfaces in town, a recluse woman hopes for a possible reunion without realizing the homicidal tendencies of her beloved former classmate.
Genre: Thriller

Writer: John Thomas Kelley
Logline: A liability insurance expert (tasked with sizing and uncovering the cause of fatal workplace accidents) finds himself unraveling as he faces a growing number of horrific cases that cannot be explained.
Genre: Horror / Thriller

“Moonrise” (Pilot)
Writer: Rebekah Mueller
Logline: In a global enterprise determined to harness the untold wealth that vampires and other creatures provide, a motivated scientist and an unwillingly detained vampire must unite to uncover greater forces of corruption.
Genre: Science Fiction / Thriller / Dark Fantasy

“The first day of Christmas …”
Writer: Casey Giltner
Logline: When a little girl begins to receive mysterious Christmas gifts, her parents realize the gifts have a sinister intention, coinciding with “12 Days of Christmas.”
Genre: Vacation / House Invasion / Slasher

“The Great God Pan”
Writer: Haley Bartels
Logline: After a spate of unnatural murders shakes a peaceful New York hamlet, a serious small-town detective is thrown head first into the mystery. But complications arise when his wife begins her own investigation – one that focuses on the occult and puts her increasingly at odds with her husband. Inspired by the iconic horror novel of the same name.
Genre: High Independent Horror

“Totally dead! “
Writer: Joseph Britz
Logline: On the eve of the millennium, a group of friends are terrorized by a killer who is not yet ready to let go of the 90s.
Genre: Horror / Comedy

“Zero feet away”
Writer: José Nateras
Logline: A young man’s love life is complicated by his identity as a gay, Mexican-American werewolf, while his real life is put at risk by a mysterious serial killer who appears to be focused on him. using a location-based connection. application.
Genre: Horror / Comedy

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