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As the holidays draw closer, you might be looking for an idea of ​​what to offer the readers in your life. Well, here at Lake Effect we have our own annual books to offer a conversation with Daniel Goldin from Boswell Book Company.

In addition to sharing some of his favorite titles, Goldin also shares the trends that have guided books and bookstores this past year, from supply chain to social media.

“This year doesn’t seem like a alternate year – we’re getting off our COVID lists, the store has browsers again but we still have people ordering online. There are still issues with the availability of books, but this year is definitely marked by the panic supply chain, ”he notes.


With smaller presses, books imported from Asia, and only one four-color book printer in the United States, Goldin notes that books are no exception to the supply chain issues we are experiencing.

The Midwestern Survival Guide by Charlie Berens

Charlie berns


Charlie berns

Midnight Survival Guide Book Cover

“It was hard [to get the book. Charlie Berens] is a local guy, a huge platform that works great, “Goldin notes.” His fans love the book, but it’s in full color so it’s hard to reprint it, so good luck everyone. “

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Another book that Goldin knew would bring supply problems is “Giannisby Mirin Fader. A great sports biography, he said they stocked up on the book when it was first released, but Boswell will likely run out of copies before Christmas.


“I remember when we were in the heart of [the coronavirus pandemic] and there were a lot of experts who said, “Nobody wants to read this, we all want to get away from it all, we want everything but that.” And the truth is, as the books come out, they’re doing pretty well – people are really interested, ”Goldin notes.


Jodie picoult


Jodie picoult

wish you were Here

Our country friends by Gary Shteyngart

The book follows a group of friends locked in a country house to wait for the pandemic. The characters are challenged for six months in a vacuum, forcing everyone to reassess who they love and what matters most.

wish you were Here by Jodi Picoult

The novel follows Diana O’Toole, whose life seems perfectly on track. However, the pandemic strikes the night before leaving for a romantic getaway to the Galapagos with her boyfriend to celebrate his 30th birthday. Her boyfriend has to stay to work at the hospital, but Diana travels to the island to be stranded in quarantine until the borders reopen.

“This is the point of view of Jodi Picoult [on the pandemic]. She really didn’t expect to write this, but she had nothing to do but walk for a year, “Goldin said.” It’s kind of delving into problems, there’s a little twist. that you will never see coming. “


The 1619 project by Nikole Hannah Jones


Nikole hannah jones


Nikole hannah jones

Project 1619 and Born On The Water

Based on the series of New York Times articles that Nicole Hannah Jones created and edited with them, the book draws inspiration from all of these pieces. Children’s book writer Renee Watson shortly after the George protests Floyd, ”Goldin said.

How the word went by Clint Smith

From the author’s hometown of New Orleans, Smith leads a tour of monuments and landmarks to show how the legacy of slavery was central to the collective history of the United States during centuries. It also explores the number of stories hidden in plain sight in places that are honest about the past and those that aren’t.

Smith approaches things from almost a travelogue where he visits the Whitney Plantation, Monticello, the celebration of Juneteenth Day on Galveston Island, the Angolan prison, and a walking tour of Lower New York where this sort of New York innocence and slavery is part of history rewritten, ‘according to Smith. The then mayor had actually sworn to secede from the South because New York was so tied to the South. slave trade, ”Goldin explains.


The storyteller: Tales of life and music by Dave Grohl

Grohl was first known as the drummer of Nirvana and went on to become the founder, singer, guitarist and main songwriter of the Foo Fighters. His book covers everything from his childhood outside of Washington, DC, his travels as a musician at age 18 and everything that followed.

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner


Michelle zauner


Michelle zauner

Crying In H Mart book cover

Michelle Zauner is best known for playing music under the name Japanese Breakfast, but her book explores what it was like to be raised by a white American father and Korean mother in the Pacific Northwest. Zauner longed for independence and moved across the country to attend college and try to jumpstart her music career, but returned home in her early twenties to help care for her mother during the painful final months. cancer treatments. Zauner explores his journey by walking away then returning to his mother and the aftermath of her death in this memoir.

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“Some music books work, but they don’t always match what people expect. [For example,] Two big hits were in fact “The Storyteller” by Dave Grohl and “Crying In H Mart” by Michelle Zauner. While we don’t do as well with The Beatles, we do, but … that’s not exactly the story fans want to read, “Goldin said.


BookTok is a community of users’ list of the hottest book recommendations on the TikTok app. Over the past year, the videos that users post to review and recommend books have exploded in popularity and, in turn, have made older books bestsellers or even put new authors in the spotlight.

Goldin’s BookTok recommendation is Achilles song by Madeline Miller.

“[BookTok’s] the fictional list is completely dominated by the paperback, especially ‘BookTok’ where people read the books and cry, ”he says. With everything from literary books to more commercial hybrids, it’s a trend Goldin says many bookstores haven’t seen coming, but have certainly adapted to.



Kirstin Valdez Quade


Kirstin Valdez Quade

The five wounds

Find the mother tree by Suzanne Simard

“The book we do very well with is ‘Finding the Mother Tree’ by Suzanne Simard, which made the Wall Street Journal’s top 10. She is one of the scientists whose work influenced ‘The Overstory’, spending her life researching tree-to-tree communication, ”Goldin explains.


The five wounds by Kristin Quaid

A recent winner of the Center for First Fiction Prize, the book follows a working family in a small town in New Mexico. “It’s multi-generational, a little funny, warm, read … It’s a year later [this family’s] life from Easter to Easter, ”says Goldin. “It’s a book that is literally but very accessible. Anyone who loves Ann Patchett or ‘The Great Believers’ by Rebecca Makkai would love this book and I hope people find out because [Quaid] is a wonderful writer. “

If you’re looking for more books to read for yourself or as a gift, here’s the full list of Daniel Goldin’s books:

  • “The Midwest’s Survival Guide” by Charlie Behrens
  • “Our Country Friends” by Gary Shteyngart
  • “I wish you were there” by Jodi Picoult
  • “La Phrase” by Louise Erdrich
  • “The 1619 Project” by Nikole Hannah-Jones
  • “Project 1619: Blood on Water” by Nikole Hannah-Jones and Renee Watson
  • “How the word got around” by Clint Smith
  • “Billie Eilish” by Billie Eilish
  • Dave Grohl’s “The Storyteller”
  • “Crying in H Mart” by Michelle Zauner
  • “Lyrics” by Paul McCartney
  • “Renegades” by Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen
  • “The Beatles: Come Back”
  • “Chant d’Achilles” by Madeline Miller
  • Matt Haig’s “The Midnight Library”
  • “It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover
  • “In search of the mother tree” by Suzanne Simard
  • “Under a white sky” by Elizabeth Kolbert
  • Richard Powers’ “The Dominant Story”
  • “Giannis” by Mirin Fader
  • “Hell of a Book” by Jason Mott
  • “The Promise” by Damon Galgut
  • “Shuggie Bain” by Douglas Stewart
  • “Chinatown Interior” by Charles Yu
  • Louise Erdrich’s “The Night Watchman”
  • “The Five Plagues” by Kirstin Valdez Quade
  • “Velvet was the night” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

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