Andy Lee’s Do Not Open This Book series is now available on LiSTNR

LiSTNR announced that Andy Leeit is Do not open this book The children’s series was specially created as an interactive audiobook playback available on LiSTNR. The series aims to be the perfect listening companion for children and their parents, encouraging children to “not” move on with the main character, Wizz.

Andy Lee, best known as one half of Hamish and Andy juggernaut, is a musician, TV presenter and comedian, and by accident became an award-winning author of children’s books. The first book in the series was supposed to have only one copy. Lee wrote it as a surprise for his sister and her husband to celebrate their son. georgethe first birthday. When he asked his companion to print him a copy, his companion said, “This book is good, can we print more?”

As part of the continued growth of its range of parent and child entertainment content in 2021, LiSTNR has acquired flagship children and parent brand Kinderling which is home to original music, stories and programs that have become the cornerstone of the children and parents pillar of LiSTNR.

LiSTNR responsible for parental and children’s activities, Evan Kaldorsaid, “It makes perfect sense that LiSTNR Kids’ first program would be the multi-award winning Do not open series of our own Andy Lee. With high production quality and whimsical storytelling, the Do not open is a fantastic alternative to screen time that allows young children to develop their literary skills by reading and interacting with books. We hope that children, parents, caregivers and educators will enjoy the specially created audiobooks.

Andy Lee said: “All I will say is DON’T download it, DON’T listen to it and if you accidentally do those first two things…definitely DON’T enjoy it!”

the Do not open this book is available now on the free LiSTNR app.

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