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One of the tallest in British literature – the tallest in the sense that he is six feet five inches tall and has a huge bushy beard – the authors visited Castle Rushen last week as part of Manx Litfest, to give a lecture on his series of fiction books.

Phillip Ardagh gave an engaging and fun informal presentation based on his “Secret Diary” book series, written in collaboration with the National Trust, which uses story telling to teach children about historical periods.

He held the conference on the life of John Pont-levis in the presence room of the castle and used the sets to illustrate many scenarios in front of an audience of about thirty children.

He said he couldn’t think of a better setting for this conference than Castle Rushen.

“Make an event about castles and medieval times, not only in an incredible castle like this, and it’s amazing to see one so well preserved, but especially in a throne room like this, it’s just awesome, ”said Phillip.

“You can smell wood smoke from the kitchens next door, the room is full of candles and the atmosphere is great.

‘It’s just amazing. I think it really adds an extra sensory dimension to doing an event like this.

Phillip has also given lectures and presentations to schools and participated in other discussions as part of the weeklong literary festival.

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