4 new book releases from Pittsburgh to keep on your radar | Literary Arts | Pittsburgh

All this time by Mikki Daughtry and Rachael Lippincott
Released September 29 via
Simon & Schuster books for young readers
Teen Fiction/Contemporary Romance, 336 pages
The authors of
No. 1 New York Times Bestseller five feet away are back, this time with a teen romance novel that questions whether true love can be found after all else is lost.

On the night of high school sweethearts Kyle and Kimberly’s graduation party, Kimberly breaks up with Kyle. That same night, they are in a car accident where Kyle survives and Kimberly does not. No one seems to understand Kyle’s pain until he meets Marley.

Released August 20 via bd-studios.com
Poetry, 126 pages

Inspired by the golden age of MTV pop music videos, this collection of poems by Pittsburgh special education teacher Daniel M. Shapiro, who has already published several books of poetry and chapbooks, is both nostalgic and questioning.

Released August 15 via Atmosphere Press
Literature, 304 pages

Suburban Pittsburgh native mr. Byerly draws inspiration from multiple art forms and combines them in his writing. Much of his work revolves around coming-of-age plots, and it shows in Byerly first novel, Stuck and drunk in Shadyside. It follows Max Pricer and a group of friends as Max travels from Pittsburgh to State College and Los Angeles, and deals with loneliness, love, and being young and confused.

The body war by Jan Beatty
Released September 22 via University of Pittsburgh Press
Poetry, 96 pages

By Jan Beatty, a Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing at Carlow University, comes this collection of poems that meditates on the ups and downs of human existence.

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