10 anime to watch if you like Hyouka

at Hyouka anime adapts the first four volumes of the light novel series of the same name. Hyouka follows students who join their school’s classic literature club to keep it from closing. During their time together, they solve many mysteries. These mysteries unfold inside and outside of their club, leaving Hyouka with many overarching storylines. The characters, including the main hero Hōtarō, use logical deductions to solve their problems.

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The anime adaptation has twenty-two suspenseful episodes and there are plenty of similar series that will keep fans entertained. Some include primordial mysteries, such as Mr. Love: The Queen’s Choice. Others also have literary themes involved, such as girl book and Black butler.

ten Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Features an Overarching Mystery

Heroine of Mr. Love Queen's Choice

Mr. Love: The Queen’s Choice is a shoujo romance anime that also features an overarching mystery. The unnamed main heroine investigates the sudden death of her father and learns of the existence of EVOL, human beings with supernatural abilities. This causes him to fall into many dangerous situations.

Despite the risk, she learns more about EVOL, her father’s death, his abilities, and his love interests. They all have different EVOL abilities and work with it in different ways. One of them is an old friend who currently works in law enforcement, while another is a celebrity.

9 Book Girl has multiple OVAs and a movie for book lovers

Tohko Girl Book

For book lovers who like to watch Hyouka, the girl from the book might be right up their alley. girl book features Konoha, who wrote a bestselling romance novel when he was younger. Since he wrote the book under a female pseudonym, no one knows he wrote it.

He joins the school’s literature club, where he meets Tohko. Tohko is the president of the literature club, but she also eats stories as “snacks”. The two investigate literary-inspired mysteries together while Tohko asks Konoha to write stories for her to eat as future snacks.

8 Diabolik Lovers presents an overall mystery about its heroine

Yui Komori looks worried in Diabolik Lovers

diabolical lovers features vampires and contains an overarching mystery about its heroine, Yui. The main story focuses on his investigation of his origins. This happens after she finds out that the man she first knew as a father has adopted her. She also has to take care of the vampires and love interests she lives with.

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Viewers have a mixed reception on diabolical lovers main story because the love interests harass Yui and get away with it. However, many fans enjoyed the anime for Yui investigating her past.

7 DRAMAtical Murder has the hero learn more about his past

DRAMAtical Murder Clear Koujaku Aoba Ren Noiz and Mink Promotional Art

DRAMATIC MURDER has many mysteries that the characters uncover. A major mystery is Aoba Seragaki, the main protagonist, uncovering his past and learning more about his powers. Her past is tied to the main villain, Toue.

As Aoba learns more about his past, he also learns that Toue has many connections to the rest of his friends and allies. Some episodes focus solely on investigating the backgrounds of each of Aoba’s friends, as the anime adaptation combines all of the routes from the original visual novel.

6 My Next Villain Life investigates dark magic, especially in its second season

Catarina facing destruction

My next life as a villain focuses on its reverse harem, but it also has mystery-based storylines. One of the major main storylines is the use of dark magic, and Catarina and her love interests have encountered a few dark magic users so far. One of the main users is Raphael Walt, whose real name is Sirius Dieke.

Two other dark magic users appear in the second season, including a mysterious girl who kidnapped Keith and Sora, who initially works under the alias Rufus. A movie for my next life is coming in the future, but fans are hoping a potential third season will also discuss dark magic.

5 This art club has a problem! Has a fun group dynamic

this art club has a problem

Similar to Hyouka, this art club has a problem! has lots of fun group dynamics. The main girl, Usami Mizuki, has a crush on Uchimaki Subaru. Both are members of the art club, but Uchimaki only likes 2D girls and not real 3D girls. As the art club grows, many shenanigans ensue. Its members must learn to help each other deal with the various problems that affect their lives.

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As Hyouka, this art club has a problem! doesn’t have super-melodramatic situations. Instead, it focuses on dealing with smaller issues that are more likely to happen in real life.

4 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney solves mysteries in court

Anime Ace Attorney Season 2 Full Cast

Phoenix Wright: Ace Lawyer sees defense attorney Phoenix Wright solve many cases. Since he is a defense attorney, this leads him to defend people accused of murder or other crimes. contrary to Hyoka, these mysteries often cover matters of life and death rather than everyday events. But some mysteries have overarching stories, rather than just being open and closed murder mysteries.

These bigger mysteries have connections to characters involved in past cases. Viewers were impressed to see how all of these characters were connected to past and present cases.

3 Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast For Spirits lets the heroine learn more about her grandfather

Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast For Spirits gets the heroine engaged to an ogre to pay off her grandfather’s debts. However, the heroine tries to avoid this by creating a restaurant to pay off debts. As she tries to pay off her debts and survive in the new world of ogres, spirits, and other supernatural beings, she learns more about her grandfather’s past.

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As she learns about the past connections other beings have with her grandfather (both good and bad), she also ends up meeting many new people and helping them with their problems.

2 Black Butler asks Ciel and Sebastian to solve supernatural mysteries

Sky and Sebastian from Black Butler

black butler focuses on Ciel and his demon butler, Sebastian, solving various supernatural mysteries. The OVAs emphasize their mystery solving by adapting “The Book Of Circus” and “The Book Of Murder”. “The Book Of Murder” features a young Arthur Conan Doyle. He, Ciel, Sebastian, and other house guests find themselves stuck in a murder mystery at Phantomhive Manor.

Meanwhile, “The Book Of Circus” has Ciel and Sebastian investigating the Noah’s Ark Circus and missing children cases. They pretend to be new members of the circus to get information.

1 Phantom In The Twilight lets the heroine learn more about her supernatural past

ghost in the twilight sees the heroine travel from Japan to England. After entering England, she finds a mysterious cafe that only opens at midnight. She later learns that her friends and love interests are supernatural beings.

She also discovers that the ring given to her by her great-grandmother is magical and grants her powers. The cafe is a front for a much larger organization called Twilight, and their goal is to achieve coexistence between humans and shadows. However, trying to achieve coexistence is not easy.

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